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Breakfast Fatties on the lake with Qview!

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At the end of July we celebrated my Dad's 75th on the lake with a smoke. I did 6 racks of ribs on the top rack of the ECB and loaded the bottom with chicken. I pushed the ECB to it's limits for sure!

The following morning I did 4 breakfast fatties. The Qview for the ribs & chicken is sparse, too much going on.

ECB smoking away by the lake

Chicken loaded up

Relaxing with my brother in law whiffing the TBS

The night before the party I rolled up 4 fatties. One egg, ham, and cheese. One waffle & syrup. One hash brown, peppers & onion. And one hash brown & cheese.

Weaved them up

Woke up the next morning and fired up the ECB. Went back to bed for 2 hours and they were done!

These were delish! The family ate them up!

I had a little left over so I froze them with the foodsaver and brought them camping last weekend. Re-heated them in a skillet and they were just as tasty!

Hope you enjoyed the Qview!
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Nice Billbo, those are some awesome looking fatties, geez, I need to go get something to eat now. points.gif
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Those look great!!! Too bad I can't taste em from here!
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They look delicious. Glad they were a big hit.
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Fantastic Billbo!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Now I gotta make some (makin slurpy sounds) LOL
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Nice job, The fatties look awesome!!! I like the chicken holder. Where did you get that?

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Nice mix of fillings and they do look very, very good!

Good size and managable load for the lil' fella, too.

Nice smoke, Bill!

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Look great Billbo, are you on Ontario?
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Nice job Bilbo! How was the one eith the waffle and syrup? What temp was the smoker and what temp did you pull them?
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Excellent cook, Billbo! Nice happy pic of you and your BIL, too...good deal!

Thanks for sharing a great fattie Quad PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I got to try that
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Excellent looking fatties you have there Billbo... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow, those look good!

That's the same smoker we have. We just unearthed it from the garage today, so now I have to learn to use that bad boy. I'm revved now that you've posted such great pictures of what our smoker is capable of!
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First, WHERE in the heck did you get that BIRD RACK!??

Second, F**#in WAFFLE FARTY <--pretty FUNNY FREUDIAN SLIP!!!
That is ridiculous...I want one now.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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First, congrats to your father.second, those are awesome breakfast fatties.points.gif
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Well at least you were properly prepared for when you actually had to roll and smoke the meat fatties biggrin.gif
Happy smokes...
And glad you guys had a blast.
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I got mine on ebay, I have two. Sometimes you can find them at HD or Lowe's too.
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Dan, that was at my Dad's house on Owasco lake, one of the finger lakes. Very nice lake.
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Hey Shriv,
The waffle one is a big hit with the kids, they love it! The waffle part comes out soggy but my kids love it anyway. I didn't keep track of temps as if it went high that was OK to crisp up the bacon. I fired the ECB and went back to bed. I cooked all of them to 160° internal. About 2 hours or so.
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Billbo you rock! the rack is awesome the fatties are awesome...you really prove that you don't need to drop $$$$$ on a fancy schmancy smoker to get good results...
finger lakes...they were on my list for this summer but i never made it, maybe next summer...

enjoy dad and the BIL and the beers!
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