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I Treated Myself, New ET-73

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I've read of so many folks here raving about the Maverick ET-73 dual probe thermo, I decided I had to have one of my own. UPS delivered it yesterday! Can't wait to load the smoker and try it out. Hope it works as well as advertised. I'm excited about the second probe for monitoring cook chamber temps remotely.
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Congrats SeenRed. Sometimes you just have to take care of yourself first. I have a couple questions that you might be able to answer (or someone else might chime in.....)

1st, can you use both probes for grate level temps? I would like to keep track of temps on different levels from a far. When the meat is close to done I am usually hovering so I don't need to know the temp of the meat from a far.

2nd, Did you find a great deal? I think the best I have found is 43.00 from Amazon with free shipping. I found it for 38.00 a couple of places but shipping was or 12.00 so it wasn't worth it.

Once again congrats on the purchase.
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You are gonna love it! I got one for Christmas and wow what a difference. No more lifting the lid to find the temp of the smoker. Also, it is so nice to sit inside and keep an eye on food/smoker. Hope you like yours as much as I like mine.
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Hey Nate,

I do not believe that you can use both probes for grill temps. I know that the smoker probe will max out at 400 something. I think the meat probe will max out well before that. Those prices you found seem pretty good to me. You should definitely get one. It is so nice for my charcoal smokers to not have to lift the lid to get an accurate temp.
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Folks use both probes of an ET7 or ET73 for grate temps all the time. For the meat probe, you have to keep it off the metal of the grate. Some stick the probe through a potato, I use a block of wood I drilled. But that's for SMOKING temps. As Norrell pointed out, grilling temps might kill it.
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What he said. You can even use two food probes (the ones with the pointed ends) to monitor cook chamber temps. Or you could monitor two pieces of meat with the ET-73. I do believe temps above 400° will damage the probe though. I have heard that the epoxy that holds the thermocouple joint together melts right around there.

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Thanks, nate. Your 1st question, I've read here where many have used the meat probe shoved through a potato or something to read grate level temps, although I have no direct experience with how well it works.

Your second question, I ordered it from thekitchenstore.com, $39.99 plus almost $9 shipping to Oklahoma. I shopped around and that's a pretty good price. If you can have it delivered to you for 50 or less, go for it.
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I have been looking for the dual probe but cann't find it here. Thanks for the web site and thats a good price on it for sure.
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You will enjoy the maverick.I use a large cork or chunk of wood with hole drilled in it to keep it off grate.I have maxed mine out 407 degree many times on my kettle with no ill effects-probably not recommended though...
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Congrats they are good thermometers
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Yes, Congrats on your new Maverick.

I'm pretty sure both probes are the same
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oh yea what he said.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
you can use both probes for ambient temp as i do all the time in the smoker.don't if your grillen this is for smoken icon_rolleyes.gif
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FYI: I ordered the ET-73 yesterday from www.thekitchenstore.com.

$39.99 plus $4.99 ground shipping. Since it was such a great deal and I wanted it for the weekend, I sprung for 2-day air ($10...still a great deal). Whadaya know, it arrived TODAY...a day early! Woohoo! I love companies that have their shipping on the ball.

Now, what to smoke this weekend...
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Congrats, PlanetHill! Yea mine arrived ahead of schedule too, so I'll happily recommend thekitchenstore.com to anyone. I've already used mine twice, and I love it. My wife thinks I have some kind of sickness, because I'm already talkin' about buyin' another one. (Already own a Taylor and several dial-type thermos.)icon_rolleyes.gif
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Here's another question. Can you run more than one ET-73 at a time? What I am trying to ask is if they transmit on the same frequency can you read the temp on the offset and another on an UDS? Would there be interference?
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This is a good question, nate. I hadn't thought of that. Hopefully someone who owns more than one of these thermos will be along to give you (and me) the answer. I would hope that they can run on different frequencies so there is no interference.
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That I'm not sure about. But I'd assume they all run on the same fequency. What I have done for multipule pieces of meat in the same smoker (but would work just fine for your purposes too, is just buy multiple probes. Then you can plug in different probes into a single unit. The probes are pretty cheap and it saves you from buying extra units.
Only piece of advice is to put a little piece of tape on the plug end of the probe with a label as to where the other end is located. That'll save you from opening your lid everytime you need to check something.
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Good tip, thanks Dude.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Look, I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but the meat probe on my ET-73 pooped out on the second Q. No over-temps, no abuse, it just quit. Fortunately, I had another probe from one of my other digital thermometers that worked...I had to trim a little of the plastic off of the plug connection, but it's been working great ever since.

They are great when they work!

I have read that the probes are fragile, and my experience bears that out.
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Eddie, you're on an anti-Maverick roll aren't ya. I posted some info for you in the other thread you were ranting in earlier. Calm down, give them a chance to make it right. There's bound to be a defective piece every once in a while. Read the other thread
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