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ABT's,first attempt at Q-view

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This is my first attempt at Q-view(after learning about Photobucket from Beer-B-Q and a few others). This is about the third attempt at ABT's,and by far the best so far.Well here goes, I hope you enjoy. We sure did(I made 20 ABT's Sun. and me,my sis,and BIL ate all but one.)....

I know that I left out some steps and more pics would be better. I will definetly work on it icon_mrgreen.gif
Here's a couple more....

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Well they sure looked good, now I'm wishing I had some ABTs going right now.
Great job!
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Hey man, don't sweat the small stuff like sequencing and all comes together after you get a couple qviews posted...just take your time and be sure you click the "preview post" button down below and you can look it over and make any changes you feel the need to do before sending it out to the forum. I make boo-boo's alot, so the preview button is a very good friend of mine.

You got some nice crisp bacon on those bad boys. The peppers even browned a bit...lookin' good!

They sure are good grindage aren't they?

We love 'em here, so does everyone who's come over and tried 'em.

Keep on smokin' and takin''ll be addicted before you even know it! LOL!!!!!

Happy smokes!

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nice job on your FIRST qview!!! great lookin abt's!!!

like 4luvasmoke said, dont worry about the lil stuff, play around using the preview button to view befor submitting and you will be in with the qview heavies in no time... points for your first pics!!!points.gif
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Thanks forluvofsmoke and erain....and to eveyone else who has helped! I've been hooked on smokin for years,but now I'm REALLY hooked,thanks to SMF and all the great folks here!!!!
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Hi Jarhead,

Great looking ABTs, BETTER looking Smoker, I like...LOL PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks Beer-B-Q.
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Nice job! They look good to me. smile.gif
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Very nice Qview and the Abt's look darn awesome too. Like everyone said don't sweet the small things we all have smoked many things and we all know witch one goes where. Keep up the good workPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great! I bet they won't be the last ones ya smoke! LOL .
Just a tip if I may. On large posts I do all my typing and pic pasting in MS Word. I can then use edit features I am familiar with and then when done simply copy and paste to the form on line here. Try it and if ya don't like it no big deal.

Pnts to ya for some great pics!
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