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Smoking Chickens .. 1st time

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I'm smoking 2 3.5 pound chickens for the first time. I am planning on using the beer can style. I've rubbed them down with a chipotle rub. If I keep a temp of 230 - 250. How long will it take? Will it be roughly 3 or 4 hours? I am also using a digital probe and plan on pulling them out as soon as the internal temp is between 165 - 170.
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John check this out for estimated times its actually on the left side of the page.
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Thanks for that link. That helps out alot.
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msujohn - you might want to shoot for temps that are a bit higher. your temps will work but higher temps (closer to 300) might be better suited. chicken is not a meat that requires lo-n-slo for tenderness (no collagen to break down) and if it goes too lo-n-slo, there is a potential for bacteria, rubbery skin and mushy, underdone meat.

i haven't done too many, so i am not claiming to be an expert, but i have noticed through my own experiences and through reading the posts of other members that 300 will do no harm at all and may actually help things along. RIVET smokes a lot of poultry and would be a great source of information and elaboration on this higher-temp concept.

either way, keep a detailed log of your smoke and also take pictures along the way. the only way to get good at something is by doing it, and the great thing about BBQ is that even if you make a mistake, it will taste better than what most people pay for!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Actually I smoke my Poultry at smoker temps of about 325 you still get some smoke and the skin gets crisp. Some people claim that 275 and up will crisp the skin 225-250 usually results in skin like rubber and my family complains about that
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I'm with these other 2 guys. Raising the temp won't hurt and it raelly could help with crispier skin and faster cook time. Look at those 2 guys that OTBS is for a good reason and yes they are that good. Hint so listen to them.
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I usually smoke the chickens at 325 also. Skin is crisp and not rubberlike when I smoke at 325. I take the chickens out of the smoker when internal temp hits 180, only because I don't care for the look of the pink juices. Take Care Post Qview when you can.
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Yup, I agree with you all. Need to get the temp of the bird from 40 to 140 in under four hours. Light her up and pour on the flame icon_twisted.gif

You brining the birds?
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I made 2 birds on my new rotissorie for lunch. 325* for just under 2 hrs got me 165 moist, and tasty degrees.

Added Pecan and Apple for smoke. Family raved.
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