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Turkey Pastrami

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Has anyone ever taken a turkey breast and made a smoked pastrami out of it? I know they sell turkey pastrami at the deli counter, but home made is always better.
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Not yet, I have some breasts in the freezer from spring season. Thats what i had planned for them.
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Matt, here's one I made awhile back...


It's good stuff!
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I smoke turkey breasts all the time. One of my favorites.
The first time I tried it I did a pastrami brine since I didn't have any tender quick then. It came out pretty good but I also only gave it a light coating of pepper.

Did another one but don't know where that thread it as.
Next time I buy a breast I'm going to cure it properly with TQ and other seasonings and then smoke, see how well that comes out.
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