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New Grinder For Shooter!

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Well I bought a new grinder. I looked at several both electric and manual and in the end I could not justify a used grinder without some assurance from the owner that it was in good shape.

This particular grinder is a Quisinpro brand. I priced them at 3 locations and they normally run 235.00-265.00. I picked this one up by bidding at the last second on Ebay for 107.00 which includes shipping. I have seen them go for more on Ebay so I felt fairly good about it.

The grinder is 1800 max watts, 2 speeds with reverse and auto overload, heat, shutoff. It is advertised as 2.4HP. The grinder comes with all in the pics below. Hope I did the correct thing on this one as I know little about grinders. It is a #12 head.

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Nice! Congrats on the grinder. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.
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Nice looking grinder...
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Congrats on the new grinder, Rick. That one should do a good job for you as long as you're not processing whole elk or deer.biggrin.gif
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Cant wait to see it in action. Congrats
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Congrats now lets see that sausage biggrin.gif
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Keep us posted ...I'm looking forward to the pictures.
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Nice find Shooter! What ya grinding frist?
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First just some lean burger to learn the machine. Then plans call for Italian, Andouille, Hot Polish, and breakfast sausage recipes. Snack sticks down the road would be nice.
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