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Fathers Day Weekend Smoke - Lots O Chicken

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Hey guys and girls and grills,

Haven't posted in a while, but having a nice year for smoking. This weekend its Chicken and Sausage Burnt Ends...

I used my standard rub (bsuger, paprika, garlic, onion, sage, chili poweder, black pepper, white pepper, cayanne (just a dash), cumin, and salt.

Smoking at 300 degrees using all applewood...Mop includes Apple Juice, white rum, and apple vinegar...

Here is the Pre...

From Right to Left: Baked Beans, Chicken Breasts, Sausage (burnt ends), Legs (and a couple of breasts) and lastly 3 kinds of wings (bbq rub, lemon pepper and a garlic pepper)

5 Pans with only 3 racks....guess this will be a staged smoke!!!

Will post the finished Qview later....
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Looking good! Keep us posted.
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Looks great nice smoke
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Looks good but don't you need something Matbe another smoker? Cann't wait to see how you pulled it off. Good luck
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I keep telling my wife that...Honey...I need Bigger and Better!!! More Smoke!!!!! I would love to build something out back, but just dont have much of a back yard...

Anyway, here is the finished product...I had a two stage smoke today...first was finished around 2:00....second just finished...

Hope you enjoyed the pics...a little blurry, I had to take them with my blackberry because my normal cam is broken at the moment...

Now for the feast!!!!
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It all looks great. Was the sausage cooked before slicing and smoking or just sliced and smoked?
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Nice feast Bonedaddy...
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No jokin', that is alot of chix! Looks good, too!

Good smoke, BoneDaddy!

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Mmmmm.... Looks like a great feast, blurry pics or not (damn blackberries).
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I see you gave the little GOSM a workout today. Great looking spread there BoneDaddy....
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Quite the spread. Glad it all worked out for you. I've never heard of sausage burnt ends before. What's all involved with that?
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The sausage was nothing more than Farmland's smoked sausage (so it was cooked when I bought it)...then I slice it up and shake it in a bag with my RUB...leave it in the fridge overnight...

They went in after the chicken, and these cooked fast (due to the higher temp for the chicken). I mopped them 3-4 times during the smoke.

They normally stay in for about 4+ hours (depending on the temp of the smoker). These darkened up after about 2 hours.

I also tend to mix them up after about and hour (or at the first mop).

My wife says its the best of the burnt ends I prepare...
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I smoked one of those Farmland's smoked sausages this weekend to make some of cowgirl's Chicken Bog. Tasty stuff. I left mine as a ring without rub and just threw it right on the grate with some cherry for about an hour and a half.
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