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Ox Tails

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I found these ox tails at sams I was just wondering if anybody knows how long to cook them
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what method?
They are pretty fatty and have a lot of connective tissue but the meat is sweet. Good for braise
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Oxtails sounds good. Let us know how they turn out. Not sure of internal temp,,,someone will be along shortly and drop some advice...Post some pics if you do smoke them...
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ox tails

I figured i would put them on for a snack when i smoke my brisket so like at a tempt of 215 250. i have never had them or cooked them before just need some ideas icon_rolleyes.gif
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Oxtails are awesome, but not sure I would smoke them, although there is no reason you can't.

It's just that they lend themselves to braising as SCUBADOO97 said, and should be used in stews and such, since there is little meat on them.

Smoking them for a bit would add flavor, then you can transfer them to a recipe where they are braised.

Just be aware they are tough, boney and fatty. The bone, marrow and tissue is what makes them perfect for long, liquid cooking.

Seems like a pointless excercise to smoke them, but that is merely my opionion. They are excellent dredged in flour, browned in oil and put to the "braise"

If you do smoke them, please let us know how they turned out. You might have another fantastic idea!
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Ox tails? Man, I haven't had that in over 40 years. My folks were from Germany, and Mom used to make Ox tail soup once in awhile. I need to dig up a recipe and make that this winter.

Wonder if the soup, or the expression on my families face will be better. I'll give you an advace Q-view of my families reaction: eek.gificon_eek.gifeek.gificon_eek.gif
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ok im going to smoke them

i am going to try to smoke just to see what they are like going to use a basic rub ill try to post some pics later on tonight or tommorow
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some very nice looken bbq Cajunsmoke13 where are u at Ill be over in a secPDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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ok heres some qview of my ox tails

ok i and my kids tried the ox tails they were very good something different to snack on smoked at 250 for 4 1/2 hours.

Worked up a good appetit on the slip and slide. Yes i did try it was very fun LOL
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Good looking Q. Nice job
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Looks like you got the slices from the "large" end. I have used the cuts from the thinner fly swatter end for stews. They have tons of flavor and make a rich stock. Glad to hear they can be smoked.
Looks good
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Dang you got some thick, meaty ox-tails, good for you. They look great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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