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Corned Beef Score! Almost 15lbs. Time to party!!!

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So I was at Pathmark today grabbing some ribs and chicken to smoke up and saw that they had a huge bin full of pastrami for .99 lb
Not only is that a GREAT deal but they had Nathan's corned beef, the Nathan's that do the Hot Dogs so it has to be great.
Got 15 pounds that I am going to soak and smoke tomorrow.
I thought that was quite a bit but my brother said he wants to smoke them all so sure, no problem.
Going to try different rubs and spritzes with all of them and see how they come out.

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Sweet score!

I just bought some a week or so ago at $2.99 a pound.
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Man, how comes they don't have any deals like this around me.

Nice score. I'd buy more and toss some in the deep freeze. Be sure to post some good pics. We love that qview
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Nice score fire. Never tried that.
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That's a lot of meat there FiU. Nice score. Can't wait for the Qview!
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Puhhhstrammmmmmmmeeeeee......As Zapper melts into his chair and drools on the floor

I bought a coulple about four weeks ago and let them sit in the fridge for three weeks hoping to have time to get them into the smoker. I ended up letting the wife put them into an electric roaster on low with potatos and cabbage for the more traditional corned beef dinner (about a weeks worth actually)

I have been keeping an eye out for bargans on them but they have been kind of high round these parts. 2.49 and up it seems for flats, less maybe for points or smaller sized flats. At .99 I would buy them out!

Send Que Veiw, I am really craving!
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Great buy wish I could find them that cheap
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I was really happy finding the Nathan's for that cheap in the bin. Normally they go for $4.99 lb.
Others average between $2.49 and $3.99 lb so I was amazed to find Nathan's for that price. The Nathan's actually have 2wice the amount of sodium as the other ones so I will have to smoke them longer.
Got my 5 gallon bucket in the dishwasher right now. After I bake my brother-in-law his favorite kahlua chocolate cake for his birthday tomorrow I am going to start smoking.
Still not sure what kind of rub to use. Got a HUGE container of coriander at a restaurant supply place near me for only $2.30 compared to a bottle 1/10th that size for around $4.99 so I'm good to go.

Told my brother that was a LOT of pastrami to make but ever since my he heard that red will cut someone if she doesn't have some pastrami at hand he has wanted to send her and Dave some so if we can get some dry ice around here (can't easily buy it in Jersey) maybe we will.
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What a nice score, enjoy the party!
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That is one hell of a score. Enjoy!!
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Very good deal you got there. Never seen that kind of price around these parts. Good for you!
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Great price! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
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Thats a great price on the meat I hope you bought everyone their had.
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Man I need to find a deal like that. Great score.
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I got one sitting in the deep freeze I got for .99 per lb right after St Patricks day. But I only bought 1. What was I thinking??? I am looking forward to the results of the pastrami experiment.
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Great deal ya got there fire....lookin forward to seein your smoke!
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Dam!!! you couldn't beat that with a stick. Definitely a time to try different rubs. Enjoy yourself
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Anyone ever try the cold then hot method of smoking pastrami?
Read that the "traditional" way is to cold smoke for 5 hours, crank it up to 225 for another 5 and then cover lightly with foil and smoke for another 5 hours.
I'm thinking of trying this with a few but 15 hours is a loooooong time so I wanted to see if anyone else had tried this.
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hells yeah... !

great score.

I threw a pre brined corned beef in the freezer a couple of weeks ago when I did the pastrami on the smoker, not going to tackle a pastrami this weekend, just gonna do corned beef and cabbage on Memorial Day.
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