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Fresh Ham

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My dad has a farmer friend that heard I have a smoker, so he gave him a fresh ham for me to smoke. I have read up a bit on how to cure a ham... and that seems like way too long of a process.

What will happen if I just smoke it without the curing process? Will it taste ok or is it just a waste? Also, what would be the best cooking process to use? Smoke it more like a loin, a picnic, .....?

Thanks in advance
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Hey Doc. I don't know the answer to your question but I'm sure someone will be along to help. Good luck with the ham!
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go to LEM products and buy the ham curing kit it uses a brine you inject the ham and brine it for 5 days then smoke the kit comes with everything you will need for curing the ham good luck
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What if I didn't brine it, but just smoked it more like a picnic, but with more basting and only went up to 160 or so since it's leaner? I know it won't taste like ham and I will need to slice instead of pull... but will it taste like a picnic?
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Without the curing, you won't have ham. Just smoked pork. Either way it will be good, just depends on what you want for a final product.
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Are you giving it back to the guy who gave it to you and he's expeciting a ham? If so you'd better cure it.
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My buddy just made ham out of a picnic roast and it was delicious, it did involve some brining/cureing and the smoke took a long time, I plan on getting the recipe from him, would you like me to pass it along? PM me if you do.
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This is about as good answer you need~ You could also ask him and see what he wants. He may surprise you and say have-at-it!

Good luck to you and your smoke. Keep us posted too.......
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He's giving it to me to try out. My dad is a cabinet maker, and is doing his house. He thought he would give this one to me to see what I could do with it, and if it's good he'd have me smoke one for a "new kitchen party" when Dad is done. I don't think he cares about the ham flavor, just that it tastes good.

My concern with Brining is that with a piece this big, 17 lbs ish, is that I can't let it soak in a constant temp long enough.

I am not a rookie... but I am no where near a pro. Thanks for the advice.
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I'll tell you what I know. If you dry rub cure this ham it is going to take awhile. Your looking at 1/4 inch per day curing time. If you pickle and soak it, you cut down considerably on cure time. You can buy a cheap injection needle for about 4 bucks. Mix your brine according to the directions with the cure you use. By injecting your curing from the inside out as well as from the outside in. You must cure it to get a ham out of it. As stated before..... without cure it will be smoked pork. I'm sure there will be someone along soon that knows way more than I do and can help you with anything else you need to know. Anything I've cured so far has been kept in a refridgerator so I'm not versed in salt curing without refridgeration. Sounds like fun to me.
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