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BB's Are On!

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Smokin' up 3 slabs for a mothers day dinner with some beans, slaw, smoked mac n cheese, and carrot cake. Ok, I bought the carrot cake, I don't bake.

I went to the store to reload on wood and found this 'gourmet blend' bag of wood chips. It's sassafras, hickory, wild cherry, and apple. Sounded different, so I'm giving it a try. First wiff of this stuff smelled amazing! I'll post some pics when I open up to spritz here in an hour or so.

Happy Mother's day! To my momma and my baby's momma and her momma. And your momma.
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what store did you get that blend of chips,sounds interesting
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Nice blend of wood you came across Nick.
Dinner sounds like a winner, can't wait to see some pics.
Let us know if you did anything special or how you prepared the mac n cheese, always wanted to try that.
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Here they are after 1 hour in my watt burner. Looking good so far! I sprayed them with a mixture of Wicker's and apple juice. I think introducting vinegar at some point gives an added dimension, and Wicker's is a great kicked up vinegar with alot of spices added.

To answer your questions...

I found the wood at my local Schnuck's. Its a grocery chain here in Memphis, I think they are based out of St. Louis. If you don't have those, the brand on the bag is 'Hickory County' out of Wheatland, MO. Google that and take a gander.

My mac n cheese recipe is simple, but really good! This is from memory, and I can't remember the exact proportions, I just eyeball it. But, this is close...

1 lb. bag of large elbow mac noodle.
2 cups fresh shredded cheddar. (please don't ever use the preshredded bagged stuff, it has a wax coating which seals in all the great flavor! Think what happens when you shred fresh, it sticks together. They coat it so this doesn't happen and takes out a lot of flavor...sorry, off my soapbox...)
1 cup fresh shredded mozarella
1 cup sour cream
1 tbsp butter or marg
Parmasean (sp?) cheese to top.

Boil the pasta about half way done. Strain and mix with the other stuff. Put in a wide casserole dish and top with the parmesean. Put in the top shelf of the smoker for 45-60 minutes at 225. Thats some cheesy goodness! Goes great with smoked meat of any kind!

On my last beer, so off to the store.
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Oops, I forgot...the mac n cheese gets one beaten egg in the 'mix'
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I wish you would have done this next weekend. I'll be traveling thru to go see my sister in Olive Branch. geez they are looking awesome. I got a boston butt smoking right now. 1 hour down and about 6-7 to go maybe.
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I grew up in Southaven, just beside Olive Branch. Where you driving from?
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Stop it your making me very hunger and I just finished a huge mommy's day dinner with the family. (6 moms) 4 are our kids. your food sounds soooooo good.
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Looks good so far. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished qview.
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I'm originally from Byhalia. moved up here to the hills in 91 when I was 11. i'm not sure if we will go through olive branch on friday or sunday. We usually stop at my sisters for the night when we are going down to my aunt's. I'm picking up a real old dresser in calhoun city and bringing it back for my mom. I might wind up going back soon and picking up my grandpa's old truck if I can swindle someone out of it. Its a 50's model chevy that hasn't moved in the past 20 years. And I would like to restore it depending on how bad the frame is.

If its Friday we will be coming in on 40 to Collierville/Arlington exit and going into Olive Branch

If its Saturday or Sunday we will be coming north from Byhalia into Olive Branch.
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Nice way to fill up a smoker, keep us posted.
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Lookin' good, Nick. Thanks for the Q-view.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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