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My first pastrami with Q-view

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Tackled a pastrami yesterday using a store bought corned beef. A 3# flat cut that I soaked in water over night, changing the water out every 4 hours. End product was not salty at all. I rubbed the corned beef right before it went on the smoker with cracked black pepper, garlic powder, and corriander, a 3-1-1 mix with the pepper being the "3" componant. It produced a flavorfull, peppery pastrami.

A windy day, so my smoker temp was between 245, and 255 all day, I used Cowboy lump, and added a couple mesquite chips ever 45 mins or so. Took a while to get the pastrami up to a temperature I was comfortable pulling it off the smoker. I started at 10:30, and finall pulled the pastrami off the smoker @ 5:30 when I finally got 170 degrees. I then put it on a rack in a pan, added boiling water, and covered with foil. Into the convection oven @ 250, and I pulled it out about 2 hours later when the meat hit 195. I was hungry, and didnt want to wait until 205 degrees. I then double wrapped the pastrami in foil for about 30 minutes, and sliced it. Damn fine product I turned out on a first attempt. Peppery, flavorfull, tender, and juicy, it made for an excellent Rachel sandwich with the Russian dressing I made earlier in the a.m.

The temperature stall was frustrating, but I wasnt under much of a time constraint other than the White Sox game @ 7:00. I just ook my time, drank 10 or so beers, and a half a flask of tequila, and listened to the blues, and got some sun.

I enjoyed the smoke, and the end product, mostly due to all the tips I got on SMF, and other sources throughout the week.

corned beef out of the pack:

beef after the overnight soak:


rubbed corned beef:

Just getting started:

170 degrees off the smoker:

after the steam & wrap:




thanks for looking.

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That sure looks good, nice job.
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thanks, it was fun doing something I had not tried before.
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Your pastrami looks real juicy. Great job!
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thank you,

Besides alot of patience(and a cooler of cold beer), I owe it all to the tips I read on here.
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Nice looking Stramie, thanks for the pics.
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Looks good. Made my first pastrami this weekend too. Not as bad as I thought it might be.
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That does look nice and juicy. Great job!
Since I made my first pastrami I haven't bothered going back to the deli to buy from them.

Nice to see a fellow Irishman.
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Yep, this just confirmed it for me. My next smoke will be another try at a corned beef brisket. This looks great. Congrats on another successful smoke.
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thanks dude,

go for another try, I think a good soak to get the salt out, a nice rub, and steaming the finished product to get the pastrami as close to 200 are the key for the flavor, and tenderness.
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Very nice I am sure you enjoyed and thanks for the Q-Views.
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The end result was well worth the time, and effort.

I am having 50+ people over this weekend for a BYOS(bring your own smoker) party, and potluck. I am doing 5 slabs of BB ribs, and a 5# pork tenderloin( I dont need to feed everyone thankfully). I will marinate the loin in pineapple juice, and either wrap in bacon or banana leaves and then smoke. Other guests are doing rib tips, brined chicken, chicken wings, and Sweet Baby Ray(the bbq sauce & restaurant guy) is bringing a few members of his competition team out to do some chix thighs, and ribs.

I will post the qview from all of Saturdays participants.
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I'm a big believer in bring corned beef to 200 for a tender bite. Glad the steaming work well for you. I'll continue to use this method as the results were stellar.
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I tried, but had to settle for 195 before foiling and letting it rest(I am hoping the carryover may have gotten it closer to 200) but it was going on 8:00 and I was starving... icon_smile.gif
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Looks great....done a real nice job on it....nice job slicing too!
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I tried, but would have liked it thinner, I think I have to keep an eye out for one of those deli slicers.
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