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New from VA

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Smoking some country style pork ribs right now. A few questions. How cold is too cold for my electric smoker, and how long does that point where the temp. never rises last? icon_question.gif
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.

What temp are you talking about being too cold for an electric smoker? The outside air temp?

I haven't noticed a time where country ribs temps don't rise. Are you talking about a plateau?
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If you are doing what I think you are (little cuts about 1-1/2" to 2" thick and about 6" long), well, IMHO I would do about 225*F or so and go to 160*F.internal temp. You may want to go a little lower150*F( but that is subjective to if you knew the pig or not-you know, diet,steroids,chemicals,etc.).
I like to get them nice and golden then braise some sauce on them over a HOT fire. Yummowink.gif
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome aboard!! Nice to have you around....
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Welcome from Iowa!
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Hello and welcome to the SMF family. Glad you found us. Not sure from your post, but it sounds like your askin' about outside air temps and how they affect your cooking temps? If so, that all depends on your rig. Every smoker reacts differently to varying weather conditions. Its all in playin' with it enough to figure out its characteristics. Once you know how it holds its temps, how it fluctuates due to weather, etc., then you'll know what mods are needed. I don't use a MES myself, but there are many here who do. Be sure to check out the electric smoker threads, and you'll finds lots of help. Good Luck and happy smokin'!
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Thanks for the warm welcome from everyone. Sorry for the confusing post. On colder days, I've noticed that let's say a Boston butt would reach what I assumed was the plateau 140-150 and seemed to stay there for what was longer than than I had the patience for (it smeels so good) and i would end up foiling it and finishing in the oven. So yes, my question were how cold is too cold outside temp. for the smoker, and how long does the plateau normally last? Thanks to everyone!
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the board!!! I'm new here too. I use the same brinkman as you. It works great for me but it was suggested to me that I buy an external remote temp. gauge. So far so good.
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The plateaus never seem to be real consistent. The times vary. Make sure to test your temp probes. They vary alot with altitude and make and models. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Thanks! icon_biggrin.gif
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It's nice not to be alone! ROFL! I've never measured the temps inside the smoker, I only have one probe and it's allways in the meat.
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Thanks! I tested the thermo. in iced water and it seems dead on. I guess I may just be a bit to impatient because it smells so good. I secretly enjoy driving my neighbors crazy on the weekends when I'm smoking. I do share from time-to-time though. They really like my ribs. I want to try a brisket, but the only thing I can find around here is corned beef brisket. icon_cry.gif
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Welcome to the SMF
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