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Pork spare rib question

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I have some pork spare ribs that are all rubbed up and waiting to go on the smoke in a few hours.
The ribs came in a package already sliced and were a pretty good deal.
My question is this...
Since they are already sliced how much will this affect the cook time and should I do a different method?
Originally I was planning on doing a 2-2-1 or so, but with them being already sliced I wanted to know if the time remains the same.
Gonna spritz and such during the cooking but would hate for them to be ruined because the cook or foil or rest times have changed on me.

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Should cook the same, just remember the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 is just a guide line and should be close, ya still gotta go by feel and look,
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Thanks smokebuzz, really wasn't sure if the times were the same.
I thought they might be since things need to break down but you never know if you don't ask, or experiment, and I would rather ask than ruin a good smoke.
Depending on how they look after 2hrs I'll decide the method but I figure I will try out the 2-2-1
Thanks so much!
Time to get them on the smoke.
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i'd say buzz has the right idea - there may be a bit more surface area because they are pre-cliced, but they are still the same thickness. i would usually cut my slabs into smaller racks so they would fit in my ECB and would still be looking at a 4-to-5-hour smoke.

good luck and report on results!
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Trying to time it for my Brother when he gets off work. Should be about 10 tonight so a 5 hour process on them would be great.
Always smoke with hickory but I have a huge back of mesquite I bought when I first started smoking so I thought I may do hickory with a little mesquite, but I have to admit, I pulled the mesquite from the fire.
I don't know, just something about hickory that is almost orgasmic!
Hate to get weird, but I think I am addicted to hickory! And no I will not get help for my addiction...

Thanks guys, I always know I can count on this site and the wonderful members to help out.
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Watch that skeet wood on ribs, go lite. Hickory is awsome, have a couple truck loads agen rite now.
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>>>I don't know, just something about hickory that is almost orgasmic!<<<

i know what you mean there -i love apple, cherry, maple and all of them, but hickory is always the one that pulls me back.
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