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Surf & Turf on the drum

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I smoked some ribeyes, crab legs and potatoes for company yesterday.

I put the tatoes on first....for about 15 to 20 minutes...
then added the ribeyes.
Used a bit of hickory.

Added some crab legs...

When I felt the ribeyes had enough smoke, I seared them over a fire...

The ribeye with morels, crab legs, potato, salad and garlic butter...

The steaks and legs came out pretty tasty!
Thanks for checking out my Easter dinner. :)
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Best lookin Easter Dinner I've ever seen!!! Beautiful!!
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Thank you Gene...I woulda shared if you lived closer. icon_mrgreen.gif
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I just might have ta move!!PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Gene, come on down! icon_mrgreen.gif
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points.gif for being your usual awesome self.

That looks fantastic. Where'd the Morels come from?
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Good lookin' eats there moochick!
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i so wanna move to oklahoma...... well at least for dinnertime!!! great job jeanie. you know you derive pain from me everytime you show off them morels a yours... what else else can one say except points.gifwell i would if i could anyway!!!
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First of all Jeanie I hope you had a great Easter and by the looks of it you certainly did. Hope all of the wild fires in OK are staying clear.

Great looking dinner and just gotta ask how the crab legs fared in the smoker?
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Awsome looking meal, as usual. If I live near you, you would have to get a restraining order to get rid of me.
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Will you adopt me?????

How did the crab take the smoke? I'd be afraid that it would be too much for the delicate flavor of the crabmeat.

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Thank you Dude, Josh, Erain, Lou and Dale!!

Dude, these were some I picked last spring. I'm down to about one handfull of them noe. lol Hope I am able to find more this year. :)

Josh, Thanks! smile.gif

Erain. I had you in mind when I put those morels on the plate. I guess I have a mean streak. lol

Lou, Thank you! I had a nice Easter, hope you did too. It rained this weekend so things are getting better around here. It's been so dry, the fires are terrible all over the state.
I love the crab legs on the smoker. They are already cooked, I just thaw them out before smoking. I've made these in the past and really love them. :)

Dale, I'm not skeered... come on over. lol PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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lol Sure I'll adopt you! icon_lol.gif Thank you!

The legs are not in the drum very long, I've never had a problem with them taking on too much smoke. I put them on thawed and leave them untill they are just heated through. I do not want them to get tough from over cooking.

They are tasty, but then crab legs are one of my favorites. lol I think I like them no matter how they are cooked. lol
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those ribeyes, and snow crab clusters look really good.

I have grilled crab legs(king), and clusters(dungeness,snow), and they turn out great, the fire on the shell imparts a nice flavor to the meat.

I am going to have to try some crab in the smoker, I am curious how long though. I would guess 30-45 mins. would do it.
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Chisoxjim, they did take around 30 minutes. I kept a close eye on them. (mainly because I was hungry. lol )
Also...Thank you! :)
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I would have kept a close eye on those meaty lookin crab legs myself.
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Beautiful as always cowgirl!!!

Great job on the steaks! Perfectly pink, just the way I like 'em!!
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Nice lookin' meal, there! Wow...really nicely done and with the morels and crab legs.....a perfect set.

Excellent post, and thank you!

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MMMMmmm! Ribeyes, crab and taters..how can you beat that! smile.gif

Awesome plate Jeanie points.gif
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Jim, you're sure welcome! :)

Thank you Chris, Rivet and Dave!
I really do like ribeyes and crab legs on the drum. smile.gif
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