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Easter BB's

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This is all the Qview I got as my in-laws made fun of me for taking pictures.

Cooked five slabs and not a one left. Used the apple rub, RO lump and added some hickory and cherry chunks.

Some ugly guy slipped into the picture

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Nice carpet. Bet they were good
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they look good, you didnt smoke them on the Traeger, I was wanting to do some for tomorrows dinner.
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Nope used the Stumps, no real's just my newest toy thats all.
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what temp do you use on the Traeger when you do them?
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225, the dial on the back side of my controller is set to 3 vs. factory setting of 2. Feel I get better temp response. If you decide to take a look at yours be sure to unplug it first! Don't ask how I know this, there is a reason the give you an extra fuse...
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Nice Trent! Good looking Ribs.
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Those are some fine looking ribs. Don't worry about the family making fun of you. My wife used to give me hell for taking pics too. I think she gave up. At least if I'm taking the pictures, it means I cooked the mealicon_exclaim.gifPDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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I agree with bassman. My wife thinks its funny that I take qview pics too. But she doesn't have any problem getting to the table when the food comes off the smoker. Great lookng ribs Trent. I can see why there weren't any left.

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