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1st Smoke

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Hello everyone, I've been lurking around here for a few days, soaking up all the information. I recentlu received my masterbuilt smokehouse, so today I'm trying her out. 2 baby back's were rubbed last night, along with a butt. All 3 are in the smoke now, so in a few hours I'll start taking some pics of my maiden voyage. Wish me luck!

OK here are the pics. I think I smoked the ribs a little too hard, they came out pretty dark, and next time, I'll have to make sure there is no salt in the rub. But I made a quick sauce, and with the smoke flavor, they were disappearing quick. The butt is for tomorrow.

Ohh I forgot to take a pic of the ribs when I removed them. When I remember this was all that was left of 2 racks.

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Good luck! You could always post qview now, you know. biggrin.gif
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good luck, and may the thin blue smoke follow you!
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What Dawn said.Good luck.icon_confused.gif
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You'll do good since you've been picking up tips from the experts here. Have fun and enjoy the results of your hard work.
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Good Luck! Waiting on that Q VIEW
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Doesn't get much better than that, a new smoker to enjoy, some ribs and a butt.
Hope everything is delicious, and please post some smell-o-vison for us.
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Ok Q-View is up. Not bad for a first try. I don't think I need to have so much smoke next time.
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Congratulations on your first smoke. It just gets better from here on out.
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Good looking ribs. Keep up the good work.

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