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Pork ribs today -Q view later

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I grabbed some pork ribs last night, gonna try em on the brinkman today, pics as I progress. I've made em on the BBQ'er before and they were good, hoping they'll be REALLY good now!
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good luck! lookin forward to the q-vew```
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My mouth is watering already. Especially since we're having a blah dinner tonight.
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Thanks Tas!

Steve: Whats for dinner tonight for you?

I'm going to do something that might get you guys to throw things at me lol, my wife has been having a lot of digestive issues and smoked foods bother her, so these will be 'briquette flavor' only. No wood! icon_eek.gif

These should take like 8 hours right?
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ron - my wife has the same issues sometimes - whan that happens, i do her food in an oven at 250 and mine on the smoker - seems to work out well and might be something to consider.

as for times, i don't think they'll take 8 hours - maybe more like 4 or 5 at the most - check your temps and/or use other guides to detemine doneness.

let us know how your smokeless smoke goes, and good luck.
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Wow your wife too? Does she know what causes hers? We're thinking my wife has some kind of ulcer by the stuff we read on medical websites compared with what her doctor said.

That's a good idea about cooking it half and half like that. If I don't like em without smoke, I'll do that next time for sure, good idea!

OK cool, then I can drink more coffee before I go out in the cold and get started heh heh
(dark grey rainy ugly day here bleh)
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with my wife, i think it's IBS - you should have yours checked for an ulcer, also for acid reflux and IBS. a lot better to control the problem when you know what it is.
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Oh wow ok, My wife definitely has IBS and reflux for sure. She's had that for years, but the last few months, the smokey foods she seems to have slow digestion on, so hours later it's like it's still sitting there and sometimes she gets nausea and stuff.
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Sorry you wife is suffering. Find out what's going on. That way maybe she won't be overly limited on what she can eat. BTW I've never tried it, and I don't know how long it would smoke. But I've heard of folks throwing herbs (Basil for one) into coals for flavor. Seems like it wouldn't last more than a minute or two. But maybe with foil and some experimenting you can find something your wife can tolerate along those lines. With no wood smoke to overpower it, maybe you can load up the water pan with onions, apples, juice, or what ever to get some flavor that way?

Dinner? I was going to say Hot dog and fries. But since it's for dinner, we're having "Franks and Pomes Frits."

8hrs on the ribs? You must be making Flintstone ribs.

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Thanks, she has been seeing the doc. Right now it's a wait, and see thing. We have no medical insurance so can't do tests just to check things unless we really HAVE to do them. So far she has been doing better. I think I will load up the water pan, any flavor will be better than none :)

That sounds good to me though ;-) Last night I had a Sonic Chili dog and fries, good stuff!

LOL ok, too funny. I know those dang little pork roasts didn't get done even after 7 hours so I thought this might be the same. They would take about 4-5 on my gas grill with indirect heat but seems like the brinkman almost stops time so figured 8 hours :-)
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OK, their waiting in the fridge, going to start the smoker here soon.
I moisten them with soy sauce, then a rub of onion and garlic powder, some rosemary and general seasoning salts. Then mustard over that.

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now that sounds good! i normally put the mustard on before everything else, but will be interested i hearing how this works!
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oh wow mustard first? Guess my ignorance on 'how to' made me try something new by accident lol

I've made pork on the BBQ and love to soak it with either teryaki or soy sauce first, it's really good. I can't wait to see how the ribs come out too.

Coals are 75% there, so soon I'll get it all go'en!
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how's progress coming?
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Hey thanks for asking, I was just gonna post and ask something. The ribs are getting darker and that creamy stuff that comes out (like blood cooking out?) is happening now. How close do you think I am? Time to foil yet?
Started at 11:50am, now it's 4:14 so 4.5 hours total at 225.
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if you're going to foil them, now is probably the time, especially if they are good and dark with a good bark. what's the internal temp? if it's 172, they're done!
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No bark yet, just brown, I'll check the temp and post a pic, thanks for the help!
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153 temp

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Looking good Ron. Can't wait to see final product
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lookin' great!
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