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Bender UDS ;)

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I am gonna start my UDS project and I thought it would be a lot of fun to make one that looks like Bender from Futurama. I will keep this post updated with pictures and info as I progress. If anyone has any ideas of materials to use for legs arms etc please do share. Here is a link so you can all see what he looks like if you don't already know.
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LOL sounds great. Give us pics as it progresses
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Well Bender is made from some futuristic metal, not sure if you have access to a time machine, or a cryogenic stasis unit you can deliver a pizza to and wake up in the future...
How are you planning on venting? You could always have his arms be the vents raised over his head, though it would probably llok better for the vent to be his antenna.
I'm interested in seeing what you plan on doing.
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Plans so far are to have the arms be posable and initial thoughts for smoke outlet are mouth or eyes antenna is a good idea too though.
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I'd go with a flat lid with eight 1/2" holes

or a Weber lid with the standard Weber exhaust.

and build the "robot" head on top of what ever lid you decide to go with. You can also attach the arms to the drum sides.

I think you will want to build the robot around the standard (if there is such a thing) UDS design. If you modify the intake and exhaust too much to make them part of the robot features, you may likely end up with something that looks cool but is not very easy to cook on. Just build a normal UDS then "dress it up".

Keep us posted. This will be a cool project to follow.

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Here is your arm and leg material. Sounds like a fun project.
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I wonder how strong that stuff is, like if I stacked 100+ lbs on two of the legs with bases for the feet if it would stay put or crumble.
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