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Turkey legs & almost snakebite chicken quarters

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Picked up some chicken leg quarters the other day because I read a post by Rivet
And ShooterRick's snake bite seasoning
Well, I got to the point with wasabi powder and didn't have any so I just went ahead and added some more heat, some adobo, little more sugar and little of this and that until it was ready. Wish I had the wasabi, but no, and it was after the grocery stores had closed.
So anyway...
When I went to pick up the quarters I grabbed some Turkey legs @ .99 a lb

The seasoning...

Seasoned chicken leg quarters and 2 of the legs. The other 4 turkey legs I did in a brine solution. Started with a simple brine and added some honey, red pepper and poultry seasoning...

Threw them on over hickory with my first set of ABTs (in another post shortly). The wind started blowing more than predicted so my Brother and I set up a fence to help.
Here he is watching the smoke...

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FiU- thanks for the mention and look forward to the finished pics. Your prep and smoking looks good too!

No worries on the wasabi, it's great without it. Was in the same boat you were and used it without it at first. I like the idea of adobo on it~ nice twist.
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You're off to a great start. Keep us posted. biggrin.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Good looking start Fire It Up...Shooter Rick's snakebite chicken is definitely on my list of things to do. I like the shot of the dry seasoning...It makes me want to try it even more. I can't wait to see the final pics.
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here he is watching the smoke...and reading about it LOLOLOLOL

and what's up with the lizard on the bucket?
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It was actually a dragon Dude. Nice notice, forgot he was there. That is a little smoke breathing buddy who likes to hang out while we smoke.
Things came out pretty damn good today considering the wind. Right not it is just after 4 in the am so time to go to bed. I'll post final pics whenever I sober up/I mean wake up tomorrow.
Night all.
You want a toe? I can get you a toe.
Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock this afternoon... with nail polish

Sorry to post these the day after I smoked them, a buddy came over, we had a few drinks and I completely forgot.
So, Here are the leg quarters...

Turkey legs...

Thawed out a frozen twice baked potato and threw it in the smoker. Ripped the skin off the leg and dinner was goooood to go...
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Great looking smoke FiU points.gif for pulling the (almost) all nighter.
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Nice!! I gotta try Turkey legs, they look great!!
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