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smoking shrimp

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I just had some smoked shrimp . i don't know what to put on it! how long do you smoke it
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Welcome to the SMF. Please take a little time to introduce yourself, and tell us about your smoker, and some experiences. It might help other members whenever you have other questions. You can put whatever taste good to you on shrimp, I'm sure someone will give you a time window for shrimp. I don't smoke shrimp, I only grill them at the time being.
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I do them about 20-30 minutes at 225. Kinda go by looks more than anything. Heres one for you to try
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Never smoked shrimp before but I know they cook quick. Maybe put them in a foil pan in the smoker with some butter and garlic? Not sure how long, till they are done is the best I can tell you.
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smoking shrimp

thanks for the information, looks good i'll have to try it
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thanks for the info, looks good have to try it
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One thing you could do is cold smoke pealed shrimp for 2 or 3 hrs. You then cook them anyway you want. Adds that neat smoked back flavor to them.

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What he said. You want to smoke them until they are pinkish in color (until they have that shrimp cocktail look). Depending on the size, anywhere from 20-45 min.
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