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My very first chuckie and more

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So finally, FINALLY I have a chance to smoke again. It has been over 2 weeks now.
So I am doing my first chuckie. Crossing my fingers on that.
I also figured I would do 4 different fatties and some turkey legs.
The fatties I will post in the fattie section after they are done.

Here is my first chuckie...

The seasonings I used...

The rest of tonights smoke...

Hope my chuckie turns out. Need to go back and check other posts on it, unless someone can tell me right quick what temp you bring it to before you wrap in foil, then what temp it goes to after that and how long to rest it in the cooler in towels, 1-2 hours for that I think I read.
Anyways, time to go check on things.
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Foil the chuckie at 170 take it to 195 for for slicing or 205 for pulling. I like to rest mine 30-45 minutes.

The rest looks good too
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I just did my first for pulling, and it came out great. I foiled it at 160* and put it back until 203* I let mine sit 75 min in the cooler.

Not sure when to pull it for slicing.
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Thanks guys. I forgot to mention whether I was planning on slicing or pulling. I figure on pulling.
Can always count on the members of this site to be helpful.
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Looks wonderful!!! Keep us posted!
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Nice an tight lookin rolled fatties there. Chuckies are so so good. The Fam and I like to make enchiladas, tacos, burrito's and even add it to chilli. You definately hit the ground running G L and enjoy biggrin.gif
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What is up with that bacon salt? There is no actual bacon in it right? Seems a little scary to me.
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How did it all turn out?
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So I fell asleep while the chuckie was coming up to temp. I wake up and remember. The internal temp said 189 but I don't know how high it actually got while I slept and dreamed of smoked foods not overcooked. I pulled it off and wrapped in foil and let rest for about 2 hours hoping I could at least save it somewhat. I sliced it and pulled it apart. I could tell it was going to be dry as soon as I sliced into it. Had to add more BBQ sauce to make up for the dryness.
It was ok, not great. Had I kept an eye on it and done the thing right it would have been excellent.
I'll definitely do another chuckie, and next time start it early in the day as opposed to later at night.

Here are a few pics of the finished product. You can tell the meat is dry before being dressed.




Fired Up, Bacon Salt is a new product that just recently came out. It is kosher, low sodium and vegetarian. It is supposed to taste just like bacon, it's close but not quite what I had hoped for. Good sprinkled on sandwiches and things like that. They say it is great on fries.
There are 10-15 different kinds out there and I wanted to try the hickory smoked one but our local Acme only had Original Peppered and Natural.

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Hey-looks like sauce brought it back.I left door open on my WSM and had a call on landline and temp on ribs spiked to 330 in 5 minutes this saturday-still edible.Thanks for q-view.Chuckies on my to-do list.
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looks great. I'm sure it tasted even better. I've done a couple of chucks and they have enough fat and connective tissue to stay juicy even if not foiled. Are those 4 fatties you have there. They look interesting. Tell us more about those.
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Never mind on the fatties, I just saw your post on the fattie forum
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Still looks great! Love the action shots of the spritzing and the rub being sprinkled. Nice qview.
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