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Having worked in the restaurant industry for many years I can tell you that they best way I have found to pound out a breast is...
Place the breast between 2 pieces of saran wrap, if using a meat mallet use the smooth side if it has one, you're not trying to tenderize the breast just flatten it. Work from the center out in a circular pattern lightly pounding/pushing outward with each whack , if you pound on the same area of the breast over and over it will flatten but you are more likely to damage the breast creating a tear in the meat.
Oh, I also never have used oil or water to flatten the breast and it has always worked well with the moisture in the breast, but if anything I think a little water couldn't hurt, though I wouldn't recommend oil as it will become such a hassle to keep the saran wrap in position once the oil spreads.
Hope this helps.
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what would you add

This is too good to let slip down the page here..What would you guys add? Weather has kept me from trying this till now. Gonna whip up a batch in the tomorrow. Thinking I'll try a couple with string cheese, a couple with Swiss, a couple with cream cheese. Maybe shrooms and artichoke hearts in a few. Whatta ya guys think????PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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I tried it the other night and they came out great. I used Chorizo for the sausage. Tried it with the raspberry chipotle and some of Jeff's sauce that we modify with a little less sugar and more heat. All was good.

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Had to give this a run this morning. Have three more to do for dinner, so I thought I would, you know, do a trial run right now *snicker*

I ended up dicing up some smoked ham I did on Christmas and adding it to the flattened chicken breast with a slice of provolone and seasonings, then wrapped in bacon. Traeger set to 250 and am impatiently waiting for progress.

Ain't food cool?

Going to dish up some of Dutch's smoked baked beans with the dinner run.
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Looks great never thought of a chicken "fattie" May have to try that next week.
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Wow those look fantastic!
My "to-do/to-smoke" list gets longer every time I come here.
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They Look Great Dana...
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