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My First Breakfast Fattie

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I hope no one calls my cardiologist on me for this one...

You have all inspired me to give this a whirl so here it is...

I rolled out my meat onto some wax paper while I was cooking up my peppers, onions, and scrambles eggs.

After cooking all I needed to do I layed on the scrambled eggs, the peppers, the onions, mozzerella cheese, chedder cheese, and a tex/mex cheese.

After I rolled that sucker up and sealed it all up tight I attempted my first ever bacon weave. My fiance was looking at me like I was a complete freak of nature!

Wrapped the roll in the weave of bacon and wrapped it in foil to wait for the morning...

Threw it on the smoker at 250 using hickory and 2 1/2 hours later I was in heaven!!!

The greatest breakfast I have had in a very long time!

Thanks to everyone who helped me make this wonderful creation!
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Fatties are addictive. I like stuffed ones too, but one of my very favorite things for breakfast is a naked fattie diced up and used to make biscuits and gravy...I'm tellin ya man, it is one of life's simple pleasures!

Nice job on the bacon weave.

BBQ Eng.
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I hate to say it but I have never had any biscuts and gravy... I heard it is to die for! Seeing as that I am from New England, people don't usually make it around here. People also think I am crazy for having a gas grill, a charcoal grill, and a smoker all on my deck... I tell them that they just don't know!
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If they taste some of your grub, I bet they figure it out real quick!

Your admission of not having biscuits and gravy has given me a great idea for a breakfast time post...look for it along with detailed homemade buttermilk biscuit recipe and instructions in the near future.

BBQ Eng.
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Ok, I will do!!! Thanks a lot!
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Looks great now you have another addiction biggrin.gif
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Bigtrain- That fattie looks GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great job! Looks like you've done it before. biggrin.gif Welcome to the addiction.
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Very nice looking fattie. I love the fact that they take so well to freezing, thawing out, freezing and thawing out again and again. I usually keep a few in the freezer and when I need just a little smoke fix throw a slice in a pan and toss of a biscuit. Makes a great breakfast sandwich.
BBQ Engineer, great idea about using a fattie in biscuits and gravy. Just goes to show you can always make something great taste even better.
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