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First Batch of Baby Backs

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Ok guys, Last night I smoked my first rack of Baby Backs. Total smoking time (6 hrs) no brine; used my favorite rub. Hickory chunks. Here's my question. After smoking for six hours, the bottom of the ribs was pretty blacken. Taste was really heavy hickory smoke. Tender and moist. What caused the blacken bottom of the ribs, or is this normal. Any help will be appreciated....
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What temp did you do them at? I normally shoot for 225 and it's more like 4.5 to 5 depending upon size of the slab. Did you have a rub on the bottom? What about your fire did it go out?
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Was it 6 hours of continuous smoke? Please tell us more info on what you did so we can help.
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Trent, temp was 225-235 the whole time. Yes I did apply rub to the bottom.
Does sugar in the rub have anything to do with it?
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Maybe your heat was a little high and the wood started to catch fire?
Was the taste just pure hickory or was there a bitter/burning-ish taste to it?
Also, was your wood properly seasoned? If it was green hickory I know that would produce a LOT more smoke and a different heavier kind of taste so I suppose that could have been a factor.
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Sugar will definitely burn, especially white sugar. I use turbinado a lot, as it seems to not burn as quickly. My thoughts are probably more along the lines of what "Fire it up" is asking/saying about the wood just due to your smoke comment.

May have just been over cooked too, that is possible. I cook mine by sight more than anything. A quick way to tell is to pick up a slab by say the third bone in, and if it bends at a 45 degree angle and starts to tear away, then they are done in my book...they also just have that look about them which I can't quite describe. Take a look at the 3-2-1 method (oops used to be a how-to document here). Generally 3-2-1 for spares and more like 2-1.5-.5 for me on BB's depending upon how loaded up my cooker is. Not trying to tell you how to cook, just trying to help because I don't think we have your problem figured out yet.
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That oversmoke is one of the reasons some folks like to foil for a while in the middle of the cooking. 6 hours is a long time for babybacks. Sugar will certainly turn them black. Could have been a combination of factors I guess.
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Like some of the folks mentioned green hickory=bitter and black in a small cooking space.Did you use a charcoal with wood added in addition.Bad quality lump has been known to have pressure treated wood etc. in it.
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it's been said already but maybe alittle of both (sugar,time). sounds long for me but i have only done about 5 rib smokes. 3-2-1 method would probably help for the over bearing smoke flavor.
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thought I smelled somthing last nite-knew it wasn't Lil Abners! 3-2-1 method-and even play with that.
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Did you take the membrane off of the bottom?
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he says no membrane in the op...but sometimes I have thought the packer removed it and it was still there....I am leaning towards a long smoke time..only way to narrow it down is to give them another shot !!!with pics of course
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I want to thank all of you for your input. Now a couple of rookie questions. 3-2-1 method? I think I read about this method somewere, but can't figure were. And one last ? do I do a quick reply?
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Yes, membrane was removed.
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After seeing the reply's, over smoking was part of the problem. Thanks for the input.
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3-2-1 method

3 hours in the smoke and heat, spritz or mop if you want to.
2 hours wrapped in foil. Add some liquid of choice ie Apple juice, Jack or some mixture. Wrap the ribs snuggly.
1 hour back in the smoke, no foil. This will help firm up the ribs.

3-2-1- is really too much for Baby Backs, OK for spares though.

3-.75-1 will work for the babys.
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