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I got two buckboard bacons that will be ready sat or sunday. might also try a smoked turkey roll too.
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Spares, chickens, talapia for fish dip, wings and ABTS. Starting at high noon friday! Should make for a decent afternoon:D
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Vacation starts tomorrow at 2. Plan on smoking all week long, maybe make some polish sausage. Going to try that Boudin Stuffed Pork Loin like Eman made.
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9 fatties-bunch of abt's and of course the wicked beans
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Butts & Chucks

This will be my first run on the Char Griller Pro. Pics to follow
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Found chuck roast on sale for $1.95/lb last night. So I picked one up to hopefully smoke Saturday. I haven't had ABTS in forever, so maybe a few of those and since I am the only one who will eat them I can make them however I want!
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have 4#s of jerky soaking for 1 ecb with hotplate-the other is gonna give me St. Louie style ribs with lump-TBS X 2 tomarrow.
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sunday i will be smoking a small pig.Today i went and bought 2 kilo,s of jalapeno,s.All that reading about chipotle made me curious and since they don,t sell it overhere i am forced to make it my self:-)
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I make my own powders Bart, you will like yours more-so than store bought-a pepper head from the netherlands (gotta love it)
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I'm going to smoke a venison pastrami (Cowgirl's recipe) tomorrow and the drumsticks from a swan I shot last fall. Should have some Q-view to post when it's all done.
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Thank you, Rich. lol I'm looking forward to seeing them.

I was able to pick up some pork loins so it will be chops and stuffed loins this weekend. Can't wait. I'll also be doing some more cb, seems to have disappeared. lol
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I'm seriously craving some brisket. I've been sick for a week with hardly any appetite but am all but over it now. If I can find a nice brisket thats going to be it. If not then probably a couple chuckies or some ribs.
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Smoking this in the morning!
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Just put a packer brisket on the UDS tonight at 11:00. Have some pecan and hickory on for smoke. Goning to be an all nighter.
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Dawn, you must have the touch, my dino racks were nothing worth posting about. After 5 hrs. at 225 the meat had hardly pulled from the bone. Oh well, now I'm thinking of another smoke. Have a great weekend.
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I've got chiken thighs and drums and some ribs on the ECB as I type. I can't wait! There will be Qview later!
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beef ribs and chuck roast on the MES today. Pictures on the beef forum
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I did a double size pizza fattie and have qview in the fattie forum.

Also did two racks of baby backs and a pork butt. Those pics are in the pork forum.
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I started early, and smoked a rack of spares. When they were goin' good, I threw a pork tenderloin in there, followed by a beer can chicken. Finished with some nice big baked potatoes that came of the smoker right before eatin' time. Fixed my special slaw and a loaf of french bread. Man, I was very popular at my house this afternoon!biggrin.gif Took a bunch a pics, was gonna post Q-view, now I find out that Mrs. Red lost the blankin' USB cable to her blankin' camera.rolleyes.gif
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