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what wood do you suggest?

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Last weekend I did something different. Instead of using just hickory, I mixed an equal amount of pecan and hickory together with pretty good results according to the family. I also have some oak and alder ready to go. I'm open to suggestions. Planning on a rack of spares, and three or four Jimmy Dean fatties tomorrow and would love to know what some of you have used in the past. I LOVE hickory, but the pecan was a nice subtle difference to the flavor.

I'm thinking of just oak, but hate to give up my beloved hickory. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I like Mesquite on the rib's & fatties.
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I am an experimenter by nature and can't just stick with one thing. I don't have any alder but I like to use oak and apple a lot. Of course hickory too. I am using charcoal and putting chunks of wood in it and just keep a few different kinds in different bags. That way we don't get burned out on any one kind.
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Hick is one of my favorites to. hick & apple, pecan & apple, just straight pecan is the wifes favorite. Or maybe just use a fruit wood.
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In retrospect, I think I mohr have apple, not alder. I might just give that a shot. Looks like there's no wrong answers here. Or do some woods not "compliment" each other?
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I don't know that woods don't compliment each other as much as some woods may just over power other woods.
if your going to use hickory or mesquite w/ say apple or cherry you would want to cut back on the hickory or mesquite or add extra fruit woods
to even out the flavors. JMHO.
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I've tried a lot...pecan, apricot, hickory, maple, cherry, apple, mesquite and a couple more that I can't remember. For pork, I feel strongly that a combo of hickory and either apple or cherry produces the best flavor for me. It's all about your own taste but I've never liked the final product as much if I'm not using hickory.
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Cherry and pecan go great together.

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Hickory and Maple are a favorite here.
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I like any of the fruit woods and Hickory. For ribs I like straight apple wood.
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I'm partial to red oak mixed with cherry on pork. Did a brisket a while back using 1 part mesquite for every 2 parts apple.....that was an awesome flavor combo!

Just play around with the different mixes....I try to not use two of the heavier woods together (oak, mesquite, hickory, pecan)....for super light smoke stick with your apple, cherry or alder.

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Playing around with wood flavors is great, but if the family is happy you may not want to. Lets go with the idea your gonna do it. For pork I will some oak and some cherry, apple and mesquite also, but mostly cherry. The oak, and mesquite are a little heavier, along with hickory. The cherry and apple is a lighter sweet smoke. But, the more apple you use, the darker the meat will be. So my favorites for the pork in order is cherry, mesquite and apple. For every 2 chunks of cherry I'll use 1 chunk of mesquite and 1 of apple.
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These are my favorites, too, although to me it seems more important to get the right amount of smoke ("right" being a matter of taste) than what kind of smoke you use.

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Wow! Thanks for everyone's input. Just put some more hickory and pecan to soak overnight as everyone loved it so much last weekend. I figure one more shot with it before I turn everyone into guinea pigs. LOL

I wonder what's on next weekend's menu?
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I primarily stick with hickory for most things. I will venture into some cherry and apple with pork on occ. Oak for beef, alder for fish. I like to experiment, but usually only alter one variable, so If I'm trying new woods, I stay with tried and true recipes. If I am trying a new recipe, or altering one, I will usually stick with hickory since I know what to expect from it.
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Hickory and cherry wood is the favorite around here. Maple running a close second. I've been wanting to pick up some oak to try.
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For the most part, it's all pecan for me. I get it for free and it seems to go well with anything I smoke.
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Here's a link with more info....
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