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I'm bringing extra stomachs...
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Oh good, we can make a paunce or two.

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Jerry, here is a few pictures of the bed of the truck. Needed a little room for the spare tire to fit.

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Is it Friday yet?????????? I went and bought a tent and air-bed and lights and fans and.......... Im ready !!!!!!!!!! Looks like we( bringing friend ) will be leaving Jax around 4 on Fri., Jerry. Should arrive around 7.. Gonna try and set the stuff up before dark.. Cya'll this weekend !!!!
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I am bringing 3-4 cases of beer and big bottle of rum and a bottle of patron.... Should be plenty to eat and drink !! biggrin.gif
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Wow Nick sure hope that truck makes it here with that load of wood biggrin.gif
Mike sounds good we'll be hanging around the camp all day Friday probably splitting wood for ya'll to take home. I still got a few things to do around camp like mow the grass and install another screen door and cut some trees but all should be done by Friday PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Thx Jerry, but dont go crazy splitting wood for me... Im only gonna have my little car and it will be stuffed with coolers and tent and stuff...Ill hafta come over with my work truck 1 weekend for some wood....Thx again and cya fri night !!
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Dang Nick, that's a big old pile of wood!points.gif
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Hope nobody falls in the fire. LOL.
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Jerry wish we could have made it but the wife had some heart problems. We think they may have it under control. We will know in a couple of months.

Sounds like you folks are going to have a great time. With all that food you folks may need a wrecker to get you out of your chairs. Hope the weather cooperates. Maybe the rain will hold off for a couple of days.

JC & Donna
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thats enough for me , what about the rest of the Peeps?

I want to see Pic's otherwise it never happened. right?
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Some of us are chipping in to supply the ingredients for the other non-meat items (i.e. abts, fatty's, etc..). There will definitely be pics icon_razz.gif
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Sounds Like a Great Time

Wish we could make it but we've gotta be in town this weekend.

For future reference, do you have room for a 45 ft motor home?


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It looks like I'll be stuck her at work for at least the next couple of hours, so I won't be heading out until tomorrow morning. Supposed to pick the oysters up around 10:00 in the morning and then head on over. Probably get there around 11:00 AM. BCsmellslikefishman should have fresh fried Gadsden county turkey breast cutlets ready for us by then.

Laurel, what's your ETA?
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When I get off work in the morning we wll be heading out. We are gonna try to make it by tomorrow night. Looking forwarg to the turkey Breast!! :)
With any luck we will roll in in about 25 or 26 hr..
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All contributing to the "side items" list that I picked up today, the total bill is around $130 and as of now I have 5 people, which includes myself, chipping in to the pot. I'll settle for $25 amongst us 5.

ON EDIT: Don't forget to bring your favorite drink to consume, along with the stuff Mike's bringing! :)
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JC I wish ya'll coulda made it but I completely understand and ya'll just get Donna better and we'll more than likely have another gathering in Oct.

btircuit getting anything up to and including a semi is no problem. I have several spots with 30 amp power and water for RV's

Mike we can at least get your wood pile cut and split so it will be easier when you get back over to pick it up.

Brian we'll see you in the morning

Laurel we will see you in the morning or afternoon too

Guess while I'm waiting on BC I'll have to go sit by the fire and consume a few Bud Lights PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifbiggrin.gif
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Jerrry, i hate to have ya siitiing with bud lights by yourself, i'll hurry :)
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Well it's 3pm on Friday and we have no Q-view!!
Is this really happening?
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You folks have fun and enjoy !!!!
qview of food and happy folks are required of course. Incriminating pics for fun now as well as blackmail later are also expected icon_lol.gif

In other words Charge those camera batteries , clear old pics off the memory cards and take extras of both for Justin Case cool.gif

And if folks are too boring , well ,make up some tales to go with those candid pics PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Enjoy , be safe , have fun , and don't forget the qview.
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