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Hmmm, this group, stuffed full of Q, and an open flame? Yeah....we might want to set a minimum distance from the fire for, you know, safties sake.icon_lol.gif
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I need to know what I need to bring?

I think I remember something about everyone bringing something, but is there anyway you could make a list, and update it as people sign up for stuff?

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Hows the role call going?

Mind updating your list of who and how many are coming?

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Im there and im bringing booze unless Laurel says otherwisebiggrin.gif
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Right now nobody else has said they are for sure coming we still have some maybes. It would be nice if we had a bunch more people but we will still have a good time and plenty of food
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I am still in,,, swampped to the gills right now but still in
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Just sent a PM to Nick, Alblancher, and Rio_Grande discussing the shopping list. Trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone icon_razz.gif.

Less than a week away!!
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All is good for me. Wife and I are staying in Navarre Beach Friday night and plan to head up for Saturday morning. Looks like we should have decent weather for Sat and Sun.
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Just checked the weather for next weekend and it looks like it's going to be beautiful! Temps will be in the high 70s with lows in the mid 50s. Perfect campfire weather!
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Can every1 drink bud? If not let me know, i could get some variety i reckonicon_mrgreen.gif What about something for mixed drinks and shots? If left up to me i will prolly bring rum for mixed and patron for shots... I will consider any requestsicon_mrgreen.gif

ps. Jerry, Do u have a lot of cooler space at the camp?
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Mike - good idea for posting what the booze will consist of.

Besides the load of meat Jerry will be supplying, here is a list of some other goodies that will be had at the gathering:
  • breakfast and pizza fatty's
  • abt's
  • buttermilk skillet cornbread
  • dingle's shrimp
  • Wicked Beans
  • Twice baked taters
There is also a possibility of scoring some sweet Zellwood corn that we'll be able to throw on the smoker as well.
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Personally I'd rather drink a 6 of a good full bodied beer than a case of light. I'll probably bring a couple of Heinys or Abita. If there's room on the Barbi I'd like to drop a couple of links of the seafood boudin I made and maybe some of the Polish sausage still hanging in the cure room.

Looking forward to meeting all of you, sounds like a bunch of nice people.

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I have been without comp for about two weeks. Glad to see this thing is still on. Just pulled up the weather and it is supposed to be beautiful this weekend. Cant wait to meet everyone.
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Marguritas and flu flu drinks here,,,we will bring some with us...

Wife drinks mojitos,,, kids drink milk and juice straight up.

I need to know what we need to bring, I asume ther issomethin to cook on? :)
probaly bring the tent, lantern sleepin stuff,,,, I am just talkin..

I will bring some brats as well. looking forward to the trip,,,, I need to get plans worked out. got everthing squared away but what we are bringing.
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Jeff - if ya want to bring something, how about adding some more brats to your list and we'll use them to make fatty's? I'm thinking we'll make at least 5 to 7 of them, depending on the fillings we opt for.

I will scrap the sausage for the fatty's off my list, and get stuff for the "guts". Sound like a plan?

ON EDIT: Jeff - read the PM I sent ya ...
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Ganny - it's great to see you again icon_razz.gif!

The weather is beating up Jerry and his camp right now but it'll sure be a fine weekend, a perfect spring!
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Anyone want oysters for the shin-dig? I was thinking about picking up a bushel.
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Its getting closer and I'm still working to get ready so I haven't been around as much sorry.
Mike I have several good sized coolers and an ice machine
Jeff I have a Lang 84, GOSM widebody, Electric ECB, Gas Grill, Turkey Fryer, 6 burner Commercial Stove, Double Oven, and a couple electric griddles I think we can manage to cook something biggrin.gif
Brian some oysters sound great
I'll be starting to defrost the meat tomorrow
I'm looking forward to seeing everybody next weekend and for those still thinking about it come join us.
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mmm oysters!!

I think we can do something with that Jerry,, replied Laurel!
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I sure hope ya'll are hungry I took two pigs out and put them in coolers to defrost. I took out two venison hams, six whole chickens, 10 lbs of chicken leg quarters and put them in the fridge. BC says he wants beef too so he's bringing a brisket. Gonna be some full smokers biggrin.gif
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