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Hope they are having a great time. Wish I could have made it.
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Well I found today that the average 5 and 3 year old can handle exactly 10 hours of driving sitting in car seats watching videos. Then they can take no more... We hit standstill traffic in every major city except Louisville and huntsville. After sitting in traffic for 2.5 hr in Burmingham Al, everyone was ready for a break. So here i sit 4 hours away from the festivites planning for a early start in the morning,,,, See you guys around 11:00 am
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Jeff its a good thing you didn't have to put up with this crew tonight I can barely type as its very late and they have made me consume much alcohol but we will look forward to your arrival tomorrow ( thank goodness for spell check)
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Jerry, Hope all have a wonderful time. Sandy and I wish we could be there with you all but just was not going to happen. Enjoy!
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You deserve to let your hair down Piney, you been bustin your butt for way to long for this....sit back and enjoy it ....if you can still sit :)
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Heres a little tease for ya

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Nice. Missing a good one. Pouring over here
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Looks like a nice cook and weather, maybe next pic's could be a little bigger? :)
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Stuffed, full, barely functional

is how we're all doing at this point. Just finished the feast of all feasts and they are still bringing out food!! I'll get Jerry to post my pics tomorrow icon_biggrin.gif

Thanks to Dawn and Bob (Desertlites) for giving us a holler! If we could've sent food over the line, we would've!!
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Piney...that looks great!!

Laurel...don't get too dis-functional.....ahhh go ahead!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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oh my that is some good looking stuff there-was great talking to ya laurel-1 day I will have to make the 2000 mile trip out there.
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Hey everybody,

Do me a favor and check in to see if everyone had a safe trip home. We made good time with no rain. Got home about 3:30 pm. Thanks again.

Great food, great friends It don't get no better than that.


Cajunsmoke, this fall we'll have to ride over together.
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My family called a half hour ago to say they were home. Al is was great to meet ya'll
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Safe and sound here... Great to meet every1 and thx again Jerry !!
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Mike I'm glad ya'll made it over and I look forward to more visits PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Al - I got home about the same time you did, safe and sound. It was a real pleasure to meet you and Liz. Please tell her I said hello icon_biggrin.gif

Jerry - another great gathering under your belt. You, Karen, and the family are the hosts with the most, buddy. Thanks so much for everything! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Just want to let everyone know that I feel I deserve some type of SMF Humanitarian award.

Consider that I bravely and without trepidation or fear of reprisal gave my stomach for the good of my fellow diners. Just think, that by eating as much I did everyone else was able to sit back in awe and distracted by my display of gluttony, moderate their caloric intake.

Your cardiologists, and tailors should write me a letter of thanks.

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Sorry Al, but my cardiologist charges $200 just to write a letter...I'm sure if you ask Nick nicely, he will let you run the wod splitter next time as your awardicon_mrgreen.gif
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Just letting everyone know I am alive. I had a wedding on Saturday and had to smoke up about 150 abt's for the reception. Wife put me in the dog house all weekend for staying out so late and letting you guys get me drunk, but it was worth it. You all are some great folks. I had a blast. I am looking forward to October. I have got it on the calender so the wife does not forget this time and will be able to come with me. Maybe that way I can stay out of the dog house. (maybe) Thanks for all the hospitality that you all showed me. Not just Jerry and Karen, but everybody. You are all awesome.
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Sorry, that much fun would ruin my appetite.

BTW, remind Jerry that Florida is at LSU October 10 might consider that when trying to pick a date.

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