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City BBQ

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The city had a BBQ for contractors, council people, etc. My buddy Rob and I cooked. About 40 people to feed. We did 2 briskets and 2 fattys (shoulda done more) on my UDS, 2 - 7.5 lb. butts on the WMS. Some Carolina style slaw, tater salad, beans rounded out the meal. Lots of compliments, so we were pleased. BTW, a 11.5 lb. brisket hit 200 in 4.5 hours. Caught me by surprise.

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Nice job, did you cook that brisket at 300 deg, man thats fast.
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No, the brisket was on the drum smoker - 225 rock solid. The other brisket took at least another 3 hours. Don't know what the deal was, but I was glad we were keeping an eye on it!
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Great Q, thanks for sharing.
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