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Hi from PA

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I got a Bradley digital, 4 shelf, smoker a couple of weeks ago and have been having fun experimenting with it. So far I've done ribs, corn on the cob and salmon. I just smoked a 8 lb pork butt yesterday and due to time issues I'm finishing it in the crockpot today.

I'm looking forward to learning alot from everyone here.
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Welcome to the SMF family. You came to the right place for learning. Plenty of good folks here that are waiting to assist you on the road to the smokin addiction. Ask any and all the questions you have someone will be along with the answer. Remember the family here believe that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. Look at taking Jeff's 5 day course it's free and it might answer some of your questions.
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Welcome to SMF Irish... and we'll forgive the crock pot thingie THIS time LOL! Yeah, butts can be a pain in one- sometimes. Get a stubborn one and it plateaus for 6 hours... seems I have heard about an 18 hour butt here not too long ago... Anyway... welcome and read thru the Wattburner...err.. Electric Smoker forum for more info and mods/tweaks for your machine!
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Good advice Richtee. in fact i done 3 10# butts couple of weeks ago. 2 of them took 20 hours and the last was 24 hours to hit that 200 deg internal temp
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Welcome aboard and we will have ya smoking in full super soon. 5 day e-course it will change your life.

smoke on!
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Thanks for the welcome.

I would have finished the butt yesterday, but if it finished on time I would have been taking it out about midnight. I don't do outside after dark due to some black and white critters that frequent my neighborhood icon_eek.gif . Today is errand day, hence the need for the crockpot.

I put it in at 6 am this morning and got a "Mom, the house smells yummy." at 6:10, lol.
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Welcome to SMF Irishteabear.I had one of those long cooking butts a week ago,so I know how you feel.
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Yer getting soft in yer old age
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Welcome Irishteabear, glad to have you here.
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Welcome!! Where abouts in SE, PA are from???
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Welcome to the SMF, keep reading as it only gets better.
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Welcome, Glad your here Irish. Great sight and great people.
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Welcome to SMF Irish!!
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Welcome Irishteabear.
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