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This Is Too Funny Not To Share QVIEW I Wish

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Today I was turning into a parking lot making a left turn. I cut it a little short and here comes a big SUV at me. She was clearly speeding. We both stopped and she proceeded to swear at me, a big fat $itch. BLA BLA BLA. I couldn't hear her because he window was up. I rolled down my window and placed a big loogy on the pavement between us as if saying shut the F up. Please try and picture this. You will never believe what happened next.


She cocks her head and winds it up like a baseball pitcher and coughs up a loogy and spits it at me. Guess what?


She forgot to roll her window down and splattered her drivers side window with her loogy. As I watched it slide down the window, her face fadded away. I flipped her the bird and left almost peeing in my drawers.


I have been laughing all day.

Wish I had a QVIEW of her window and her face.

What a *****. Still laughing because she had someone in the SUV with her. That's road rage at it's finest.

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Ya know what they say no Q-view never happen lol
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Oh man, Ron. I was laughing out loud and had to explain that to my wife so I read it to her, then we were BOTH laughing!!!

As far as the no Qview didn't happen . . . well, your story has to be true because it is too funny to make up!!

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Good one, Ron!

I am gonna pop this one into the Jokes section.

It really deserves to be there!

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Instant Karma
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Thanks Monty, I wasn't sure if it was a joke or not.
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My wife and I cracked up at this as well this morning. Thanks for the laugh.
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I have a tear in my eye! I bet she put everything she had into it too.
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Ron, all that fine Qview with original ideas and now this......That was GREAT! Gotta love/hate the road ragers!!
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I laughed all day today.

I could still see her cheeks swell up before she let go.

Wish I had a QVIEW, or better yet a video, I'd post it on youtube.
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