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Smoked Cottage Fries W/Qview

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I know I have lost it but here is another experiment.
These were the favorite at the restaurant, but they weren't smoked.

I thought I would try it and see.

I sliced 2 russets on the mandolin and actually brined them for an hour. Rinsed, then and towel dried.

Into the smoker at 120'. The plan is to get some smoke on them and deep fry.

I think I need help.

Thanks for watching.

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I can picture you walking around the kitchen looking at anything in the cabinets thinking "Can I put that in the smoker?" And the answer is always yes.
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Don't feel bad, i put a turnip on the grill the otherday just to try it, it wasn't a successful expierement PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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I do that and think all day, What's next?

Too bad but if ya don't try ya never know.

After 2 hours in the smoker.

After 2 1/2 - 3 minutes In the fryer at 325' they were done. Nice and crispy and delicious.
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Looks great Ron. Did they keep their smoky flavor after frying?
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Great experiment! Keep it up - I love checkin out the things u come up withPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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check out this link, and make the call. If you can't do it for you, do it for us.

just playin around man, he he
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Yes they did, quite tasty.


I made the call and was rejected. Told me it was too late.confused.gif
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Ron, thanks for sharing this., they sound good.....I will give them a try. :)
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I used to be that way in my grillin' days, until I grilled a piece of liver. Talk about some nasty tasting meat, I think it must have been much like deep frying a real old shoe. But now when it come to smoking, I'll still push the envelope... once in awhile.
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Smoked potato chips eh?

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Ron, you are an inspiration to us all. Keep it up, you are the "MAD SCIENTIST" of the website. What's next?
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In KY, we say - "All y'all (plural for y'all) are nuts". That's why I love you all.

what's this all about Armadillo Eggs with cheese?

OMG! - dude, a smoked Scotch Egg? is there a link on this already?
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Yep ... i done a batch of smoked scotch eggs and instead of using breadcrumbs i covered them in mustard and rolled them in some rub .... boy they were good.

Will try and find the post. Here it is

And Ron ... here's an idea i've been knocking around - bannanas Fosters ... cooked in the smoker. I'm thinking making up a sauce, pouring it over the bananas in a foil pan then in the smoker for maybe an hour.
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Ron this is a great idea and one I'm sure I'll have to try I gots ta have taters
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They are best fresh out of the fryer.
Not as good tonight but still good reheated in hot oil.


That is what the original idea was, I was worried if too thin they would dry in the smoker.

Thanks, Fish, glad I can inspire you, that means a lot to me and keeps me thinkin'

I think RitchTee has that one already, lol

We are all nuts here. Well if we are serious, any way.

Just do it and let us know. Best thing is its good worst is you ****can it and move on. had one of those and didn't look back.

Jerry, they were really good outa the frier.

Thanks for watching the QVIEW.
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