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best Spare rib method

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What are some of your best methods you have ever tried for great Spare ribs?

Do you mop?....How often?
With what?

have any leftovers?
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the best method is what ever works for you. I will mop about twice after a couple hours, rub has set. then i glaze/sauce the last 1/2 hour or so.
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Used to live in Racine many years ago.....best experience for me has been using amazingribs.com method. While I think I can do ribs pretty well, everyone said these were the very best yet!
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I picked up this little trick from Rich........eek.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gifcool.gif

By imn88fan
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<Grumble> BTW folks- that's for my not-yet-even-famous-or-tried- EVER - rib soup.

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Rib soup!! Hmm ... you may have something there ... eek.gif
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Depending on how many years that was...Im sure things are pretty much the same......PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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When you're done boiling, dump the water, pour some BBQ sauce, and into the oven for some real authentic BBQ!icon_smile.gif
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this works great for me - worth a try!

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Now your talking!! cool.gif
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im pretty new hear obviously...

you guys are being sarcastic ab00t the boiling.... right?

I hope.....
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Yes sir. Do NOT boil ribs. I am not even developing the "Rib Soup". But is IS a good reply to folks who DO boil them ;{)
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If we catch you boiling ribs, we will hunt you down and confiscate all the ribs you have not yet ruined!icon_evil.gif
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Dam, I thought I found the new trick for ribs. I used beer to boil them. does that count.
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Only if you drink the beer right before you pour it into the pot. Then put the ribs on the smoker.
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And if you look real close.......closer......closer...

They didn't even peel them. nice roasting pan though.lolbiggrin.gif
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Wouldn't that be like a double homocide. LOL I'd rather drink the beer and leave those poor ribs alone!
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Lol...just a joke brother. cool.gif
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Good one Bubba.
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Hahaha, good.

My first week here I didn;t want to start calling people idiots!


some of my work:

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