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First try at chicken!

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Picked up a couple fresh chix at this weeks meat sale. Brining one and skinning the other and just using rub and Beercan. Well actually using beercan on both........ Well.........The actual smoke has been delayed because the wife and kids are going to the water park for the afternoon. In the meantime I'm heading to Wallyworld to pick up a couple ECBs. At $28.88 i can't pass em up. :) I'm going to set one up for charcoal grilling and mod the other to the max for smoking. I'm thinking I can use the one for crisping the skin on the first chik. Wish me luck. 170 internal right? ;)
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luck! and yes on the temp!
Dingle posted on motorheads chix to try and plug the top with at tator or something to keep the steam in and smokn steve siad to use a skewer...I will be trying those suggestions next time I do beer in the bootie chix...Maybe you want to use there advice.....just me .02...
Happy smokes
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Yes I saw that thread and am planning on using the tater in tha hole method this time. ;) Thanks.
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Awesome, I can't wait to see how they come out...
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Well I got the chix ready. Brined one and rubbed with a lemmon pepper based rub stuck a beer up its rear and on the smoker it went. The other I skinned and rubbed with a cinnamon chipotle rub and put a can of Apple Juice and rum up its rear. Smoking with apple and hickory. Both are about 165 now and it won't be long untill they're ready.
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Well today I found out sometimes it's just too dang hot to use the smoker. 87 degrees and 79% humidity makes it pretty miserable out there. With no breese to help out the pit temps were amazingly steady and even on both sides. I guess thats one good thing. Anyway the chicken was really moist and tender and tasted good. The brined chicken had a better/stronger taste but neither had a really good "smoke" flavor. I guess next time i'll pour more smoke to it as the thin blue i'm used to using didn't do it. It was good but not exactly what I expected. Here's some Q-view.....

Chik 1 brined...

Chik 2 skinned and rubbed with cinnamon chipotle rub...

chix dancing at 150 internal...

Chix done and coming off...

Skinned chik showing nice bark....

New addition to the family.....R2D2 :)

Overall good learning experience. Next smoke will be on a cooler day or I'll go back to nights. ;)
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Nice lookin birds there Mr Guns! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Birds look great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks guys. We finished up the leftovers tonight and I made a chikn sammy w/bbq sauce. It was pretty darned good. More smoke next time. :)
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I did a beer butt chicken this weekend and used an apple to plug the top of the chicken. I don't know how much good it did, but it looked cool, and tasted great!
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