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Thanks Another 1st Butt!!!

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Thanks to all the members of this board. I've always loved to use the grill but now I have more ideas than ever. This is my first. Only problem was had to put them in oven. They had just reached 165 degrees. So I foiled them and put them in. They are now at 175. I hope they come out good. I am going to vacuum pack them. Then Monday I will reheat with some finishing sauce that seems to be very popular around here and serve them to all my buddies that will lose to me in Fantasy Football this year. Again Thanks.
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Hia Tiger...make a Roll Call post and introduce yourself and smoker to us. We'll be better able to help, and we're just plain nosy anyway :{) Enjoy!
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No problem I will. Tried to post pics but having problems. Also would like to thank everyone for the first fatty I tried about 3 weeks ago. Went so fast I couldn't beleive it. Everyone liked it so much they talked me into entering a tailgate contest with it and I am a finalist. Have to go fix one up for the judges tommorrow. I entered a simple one with bell peppers, onion, pepper jack cheese, and cilantro. I would be in trouble if they saw some of the ones around here. I'll figure the picture thing out later. Headed to roll call. Thanks.
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Congratulations on your smoking success!! Sounds great!
Also, welcome to the forum. :)
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Welcome to SMF. To make it easy to post pics, go to PhotoBucket.com and open a free account. One of the easiest to use.
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