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New at it,

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Retired and know nothing about Smoking except that I like it.

Cooked up a pork roast (jerky) the first Time I used it, I thought it was good. The wife had a different thought on it.

I signed up for the 5 day Smoking Basics, will see if that helps.

I have a Electric SS Smoker Masterbuilt, got it on sale from Sam's for $200.00. Looking forward to cooking something except Jerky..PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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LOL..well..jerky's pretty good but have not tried the pork route yet! Welcome and read thru the wattburner...errr..electric smoker forum... and ask what ya need to!
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Hey Jimbo,

Welcome to the SMF! The 5 day course will do you loads of good. Also, as you look through the forums, there are things called "Sticky's" at the top of each forum. These are deemed fool-proof ways to smoke certain meats. Be sure you read through the sticky's for anything that you want to try. I do not have an electric smoker, but I have read lots of post by people that do and they seem to love them. Good luck and dont be afraid to ask Any questions.
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welcome aboard jim-lots to learn here and great folks to help out-pork jerky huh-you will be doing great pulled pork in no time-hang and read a while.
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Well, jerky is ok...but its not Que..hehe great to have ya here ,everybody,that i have talked to has been great and has helped me out a lot..
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Welcome. I have an electric and It works well. Be patient there's a learning curve.
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welcome to the SMF family.good folk here to help learn ya. ask all the question you want folks here love to help you out. you will be smoking like a pro in no time. sign up for the 5 day course its free and good info from Jeff. also try Jeffs rub and sauce it's gooooood
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Welcome aboard Jim..As has been said good folk here that don't mind helping out..they have helped me alot..don't be afraid to ask
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Welcome Jimbo.
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Lots of good information here. You'll be smokin' like a pro in no time. Well, there is a learning curve as someone mentioned, but you can bend the curve a bit by first smoking forgiving or easy meats. Boston Butt is a forgiving piece of meat, smoking chicken thighs is an easy project for a newbie, drunk chicken isn't too difficult.
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