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SWEET ERAIN. Looked nice and juicy. Aujus?
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That looks fantastic!
Next time set an extra place and I'll bring the horseradish! :) j/k
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erain can you shoot me to where I can find SuperVmans marinade at or is it a secret and also when you say smittee's Where did ya get that? Thanks, I am going to have to try one. It looks great.... Good job and great Qview...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great looking Q-view I'm hungry already and I need some smoke I haven't had the time to do any :(
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Yeah, Erain, I didn't do any marinating, just a rub and overnight rest, so the center stayed bright red/pink. I also let my roast age 2 weeks, and I will always do 2-3 weeks if I can.

Alot of marinades ar soy based, and the carmel color does get into the meat fairly quick. Taste is the main thing though, and I bet that PR was awesome!wink.gif
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thanks for all the compliments, this was a real adventure smokin this rib roast!!!! i got one more chunk of this in the freezer so will be doin it again!!! made a great sammie for lunch today with melted colby on it...
once again thks.
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Hey erain always good to see your smokes. I know this a little late but I've been away a bit here. Nice job.
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Check this out.

there is a GREAT story behind this but if I told you - well - ...................... You know :)

ENJOY! Try it once, you're hooked!
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where is my sammie with colby???

thx for the link, I thought I was gonna have to bribe my main MN man for that one!!

You guys in Minneeesoooooota aren't so bad after all!! wink.gif
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here ya go BBQG!!! i even threw one in with some provolone for ya!!!!

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Torture, pure torture! 10:15 am and I am starving now for a roast beast sammie..........I am gonna have to do a beef beast like that in the very near future....Hey I am off the 10, drive me by one! wink.gif
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Missed this thread somehow. That is some mighty fine looking PR! My favorite cut of meat be it a roast or steaks!
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I missed this too! Awesome looking roast, I don't think it was over done at all, looks like it's very moist and tender, I'm putting that on my future "to smoke" list.
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Yep! Yep! Yep! You just don't get THAT kind of grub ANYWHERE except at home. I'll take one of each nestled between 2 slices of texas toast. Award winning!
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That looks just plain righteous!!!
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I missed this to. Dang erain that is one nice lookin roast. I need to get a fattier peice of beef next time around. Great Job.
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Erain awhile back in another smoker forum a guy wanted to have med ends with med rare in the middle. If I remember right he smoked it at a higher temp making the end pieces come to temp quicker then middle of the roast. He used 2 probes to watch the meat as the internal temps rose. I did that with a sirloin tip roast as my wife wants it over med by a touch. I did it with a 5lb roast not a small one. She was happy and I was happy.
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i like that 2 probe idea, but like capt dan alerted me.. i think all was well, just that the soy based marinade and molasses darkened the meat and i wasnt anticipating that. the tenderness and the juiceness was there, just missing that color for med rare center. next one will be w/o marinade. thks for all the input!!! input i need more input... wasnt there a movie or something with that line???
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I have a secret for ya, I used in the resturant, always cook to rare 135"
then either reheat very gently in the micro with some liq to aborb the waves, OR just make some au Jus and dip it in the aujus till the rare color is gone. It will be moist and juicy every time. We always done that, now, the secret is exposed .

I do this to this day with steaks for wiffey. I take them off rare, and micro them for about 30- 40 seconds and she loves them. Plenty juicy.

This one will cost ya! Lol
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Looks great! Do you add horseradish into your rub? It can give it a real kick! Anything left for leftovers? (My favorite part!)
I cook a full 7 ribber every year for Christmas (is it Christmas yet?!) at 200 deg. and pull it at 120 deg, leave the therm. in it as it rests until it hits 130 - 135 deg. It's evenly pink all the way through. We usually destroy it!
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