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beef rib roast w/QVIEW

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well after a weekend off without a smoke and with the recent aqquisition of a huge rib roast the smoke is on!!! i divided the roast into sections, the two ends which weigh aprx 8 lbs each, and from the center cut i saved 4 ribeye steaks 2" thick. the steaks and one roast went to the freezer. i marinated the roast for 2 days in SuperVmans marinade. any who havent given it a try its great!!! thks V...after the marinade i made a basic brown sugar/salt/paprika/pepper/red pepper/smittees/gran onion and garlic rub.
is in smoker now running at around 225, plan is to take to 130-135, foil and wrap and throw in cooler. hoping for med rare center with the ends more to medium doneness. this is my first rib roast, never made one indoors either so hoping for the best!!!!

8lb. rib roast

after 2 day marinade bath

rub applied

in tha smoker

more to come, also have some ribs goin different post. thks for ckin my qview!!!!!
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that's a huge piece of meat. Looks good. Lots or marbling
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Erain, great start. Looking forward to the progress.
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Beautiful marbling there. Ya know thats gonna taste great!! Can't wait to see that cut intobiggrin.gif
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Looks Great and look forward to the results. I really need to do one of these some day. Going on the To-Do list!
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just hit 135 deg, into foil,towel and cooler. thinkin it will gain some yet and be nice med-med rare ctr, and ends more medium doneness. we will see how it goes. learning on this one

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Great lokking roast Erain..will have to put that on my bucket list
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looking great erain. darn I love that piece of meat-can't wait for more done pics.
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Looks great, how long did it take to reach 135*
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What a great cut of meat, the thing is going to taste awesome when it's sliced. Can't wait to see more pics!! Nice smokes this weekend, buddy! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin forward to the outcome of this smoke. Should be interesting.wink.gif
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Nice mixture of bark and fat. MMMM MMM GOOOD!
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Looks great ! Cut that baby open !
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final pics rib roast

I pulled from smoker at 135 deg and foiled and wrapped in towel and coolered while waiting for ribs to finish there last hour of cooking. i think next time i pull at 130, was just a tad more done in the center than i had in mind. but roast turned out well, the tenderest roast i ever had and nice and juicy with a BIG beef taste. For a first rib roast i have to consider it a success. Its actually a fairly easy cut to smoke. so anyone out there dont be intimidated!!!!

slice picture, i had planned it to be a lil more like med rare but apparently the time wrapped in cooler it kept cooking a bit...

thanks for ckin my qview!!!
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Very nice Erain. Looks nice and tender. You may be looking for that "pink center", but the fact that ya marinaded it for 2 days in a dark marinade, may have taken some of the red out of the meat. Maybe not, I'm just thinkin out loud.

Looks real nice though.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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good point dan!!!, as juicy and tender it sure didnt seem overdone but i was lookin at pics of yours from mebe a month ago and thats kinda what i had in mind. yep that marinade did change the color of the whole roast and may have gone that deep. i was too busy eatin to think that far LOL!!! thanks Dan!!!
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Wow that looks great nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That beef roast looks so darn good! I am drooling all over the key board!!
I am definately putting that on my bucket list...oh la la ...
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WoW that looks outstanding thanks for the qkview!
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What a great lookin hunk of sweet beef erain! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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