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Just starting off in CT

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I received a free smoker from someone at work ( old Mr Meat Electric) that is currently working to smoke ribs. I'm new at this, but being an engineer I figure I can learn anything given the time. My Father recommended this site, and I can believe I never Googled Smoker Forums.
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Welcome to the forum OldElvis!smile.gif
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Is there a way to reverse the order the threads ( First up top?)
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Welcome to SMF oldelvis...Go to user CP on the menu bar and you will find how there to change settings for post order and other things..good luck
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?? from a wannabe smoker

New to this forum. Been grilling for years on charcoal & gas grills. Now I would like to get into smoking meat & have been trying to learn as much about it as I can. I guess the first thing to do is get a smoker. From what I have learned the way to go is a offset smoker? I don't want to start off with too big of a smoker as there's only two of us. Wal-Mart has a cheap offset for $84, or Lowes has one for about $130. I guess my question is what smoker & supplies would you reccomend so that I don't have to buy this stuff twice?

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welcome and your right about train drivers they can learn cause this site will be here for you year after year after year after year after year cool.gifcool.gif

jest kidden worked with a couple of engineers that caught on befor they passed.
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Dick you need to start a new thread in Roll Call and then everyone will post to you. But welcome
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Hey Old Elvis these folks 'll have ya singing a new tune in no time.
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Welcome aboard. Check out Jeff's 5 day Ecourse. It loaded with great info. Make sure you post pics of all your smokes so we can droole over the great food.
May all your smokes be thin and blue.
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Welcome. Why old Elvis, voice or the fried PB&B sammies (yumm)? biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the smf................Glad to have you here...............
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Well, we have a Googly good time here!LOL!
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