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"It was the only Smoker Wal-Mart had...."

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I see that stated from time to time on here and it is simply not true. Of course if you had to have it, THAT DAY, then that comment may be true. We all have computers obviously and if you have a Wal-Mart near by and actually shop there (some people think Wal-mart is the debil biggrin.gif ) you need to remember they have an online store.
One newer member was looking for the GOSM WB model, but Wal-Mart didn't have them in stock. Maybe he was pressed for time or wanted his bar-b-que NOW. LOL, can't say as I blame him PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
At any rate, shop ONLINE. Alot of times prices are cheaper and selection can be so much greater. Sure you have to wait a bit, but you'll get what you want and there is NO shipping charges to the local store. They email you when it comes in and you go pick it up. Simple. Saved me $50 off the store price of my Vizio Big Screen TV. Smokers might be cheaper too.
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I thought that was foosball! Fried gator Yum!

Good post Flash.... be aware can save money or get a better smoker!
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When I was in Tallahassee they had several GOSM widebody models in stock and the price was $138.96 same as online. I know some things are cheaper but others are the same
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ah, but things go on sale. In the store AND on-line. Not necessarily at the same time either. My TV was always $939 at the store, but would flucuate between $889 to $939 online, usually every two to four weeks. I just held out till I saw the sale again.
Granted this may not apply to all things at Wal-mart.
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Walmart sells smokers?
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Yea Joe but they have no ovens biggrin.gif
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LOL That makes sense since one has nothing to do with the other. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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Kinda like when we were all younger and didn't want to wait for Miss Right -- we just wanted to find Miss Right Now! biggrin.gif

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