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New from (and to) Arkansas

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I'm new to this forum but not to smoking. Recently bought an electric Smokin Tex, which I have used once so far. Previously had a charcoal smoker that never seemed to get hot enough and have always used smoke in my gas grills.

Just recently retired and moved to Arkansas from "up north". My neighbors saw my smoker working in the driveway and were surprised that a "northerner" knew about smoking. Long story short, I was invited to a 4th of July party and will be supplying the brisket. They are doing chicken and ribs.

Anybody have a really WOW recipe for brisket? I have cooked it for years in the oven and have smoked a few without any rubs, marinades, etc. But I am looking for any suggestions for a "killer taste".

I look forward to learning more.

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Hi Gary.....welcome to the SMF!

Sounds like you are well established as far as your smoking abilities go. spend a little time around here and you will go from good to WOW!

Here's a link for the "smokieokie" method for brisket.....follow this recipe and you will have rave reviews.........guaranteed!!

Hope this helps,
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Good everning, Eric!

Thank you. Recipe seemed simple enough (always a good sign for me).

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Congrats on joining the SMF. Have a great week Gary.
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Welcome Gary. Knock'em dead on the 4th.
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Welcome from Harrison, AR, Gary.
I smoked a brisket today, and tried something new, and it turned out good. Last night I mixed together apple juice and cider vinegar, 3-1. Soaked an onion and jalapenos for two hours. I poked a hole in the plastic the brisket was bought in, and used a funnel to pour in the juice. Put back in the fridge over night ... rubbed this morning @ 4am, and smoked all day. Two hour rest wrapped in foil and bath towels, and it fell apart.
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you are here!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif Welcome from Sedalia, MO just up the road. I recently moved back here from South Dakota (-38 deg F) not a difficult choice to make at this age. Happy Smoke Rings and enjoy the fatties and ABTs. Semper Fi
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