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new masterbuilt, 1st go at smokin, 1st post

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I just purchased a masterbuilt smokehouse. They are on sale at bass pro for $175. I cleaned it out and just turned it on. 1st attempt I got a 3.5lb chicken with some rub on it and a 2.5lb meatloaf, smoked over apple wood chips. I am using a wireless thermometer meatloaf at 116 now. Testing out some of the skills, I have read from this forum. I am running 235 and into it for an hour now . Any ideas time, temp any masterbuilt experts out there?
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You season that new smoker before tossing on the bird?!?
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What Seboke said, if you didn't, just know that whatever the taste is, it will be much better after seasoning.
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Yeah I read it on here. I cleaned it,pam sprayed the walls and smoked up a plate of mesquite chunks, prior to use. I can not wait to smoke up some seafood next. Bacon wrapped scallops shrimp all look like they wanna hit the smoked next. I am still on 235 is that to high a temp or should i back it down. I have read that charcoal smokers run 200-250ish and vary back and fourth. 235 was my best guess.
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Hey there, evandostert. Welcome to the forum. Fellow MES-owner and newbie to the forum myself (although I've been lurking and getting tons of info from here for a while!). I've done a few chickens in my Masterbuilt, and I've found that 225 degrees F for 3.5 or so hours does the trick... internal temp right at 165. Good luck!
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Welcome to the forum. There's great info here. 235 is fine. I run 225 to 237 on my charcoal smoker and about 228 on the propane.
Glad to have you on board.
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An update, meat loaf at 155 looking about done chicken looking good as well. I need another wireless them. I will post some q-view once i get it down. Looking good so far no funny smells. I must have cleaned and burned off the chem's. Threw on some veggies squash. mushrooms for topping the loaf. and serrano peppers with sea salt. I am guessing another hour for the meat and veggies chould be done as well. I am excited 1st smoking time out. Looking sweet.
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Congrats on the smoker and well I use a GOSM the desired temps would be the same for most smoking about 225-250* so your just right where your at. If you don't like the skin on the chicken consider throwing it on a hot grill or in a hot oven to crisp it up. Looking forward to the Qview
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Took the meatloaf out of the pan. Straight on the grill of the smoker now, Looking good. Chicken in now wrapped up in foil. Veggies looking about done now. Wow mushrooms cook way too fast. Much faster than the other veggies. meat loaf not down in temp after taking out of pan. I am down to 150. Not sure as to where to go with it. Back to 160+ or is it good???
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1st smoke is over chicken nice and moist good smokey flavor. Meatloaf a little dry, should have pulled it out sooner or left it in pan and yanked it right at 160. I smoked for 4 hours. Report next time with seafood smoke out.
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Sounds like you did a great job! Bet it tasted good too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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No pics...didn't happen wink.gif
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Congrats on the new smoker. I have had mine for about a little over a month and have done a brisket, ribs, fatties, Salmon, Ribeye Steak, pork loin, chicken thighs, a butt, and also, baked beans, and scalloped potatos. Everything came out great. You can do a search to see my qviews of them all. Just search ronp100343. I am not an expert but have had great success. I usualy run 225' -240' on the smoker. As for your meat loaf, I would try 140' 145' next time wrap, and it should be fine.

Also a little tip if you are doing a long smoke, like butts and briskets, you can save some time by wrapping at temp and using the MES as a holding oven at 220'. Then you can go to bed and the next AM it's ready for pulling.

BTW, do you have the stainless and if so is it the 30 or 40" model?

Good luck, hope this helps.
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no, just the plain black one. I love it so far. I am concerned about just leaving the thing running all night with-out supervision. Fire fear sets in. Small yard close to house. I would love to try it. Not ready yet. I don't wanna wake up being smoked myself.
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With time and using it you will traust it, it is a portable electric oven that you add wood to for smoke.....
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Well I can understand that, but if you dont have any wood of fuel to burn it is no different than having any electric appliance running. But that's your choice. Just get comfortable with it first, trust is a good thing.

Good Luck!
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Masterbuilt "7 in 1"

Hi there, I just ordered a Materbuilt "7 in 1" online yesterday. I see you've had yours for a while, and after having had it for only a month, you had already done quite a bit with yours. I'd imagine in the time since that posting you've done quite a bit more!!

I was just wondering how you have found the Masterbuilt overall. I ordered the black enamel model, not the stainless steel, only because I thought the price difference seemed a little steep as between the two. The site I bought from sells the black one for $139 and the stainless for $194. I'd seen them cheaper on other sites, but unfortunately this was the only site I could find that shipped to Canada and guaranteed no hidden duty, taxes, other charges, etc., upon receipt.

How do you find it for barbecuing? Is it about as good a grill as it is a smoker? How do you find using it with charcoal versus propane? How is the igniter and the overall construction?

My father-in-law has a Bradley electric smoker and he seems to think that I may not be able to cold smoke with the Masterbuilt. He says this because he doesn't think I'll be able to keep the heat down low enough on either charcoal or propane, especially in summer. He says that for cold smoking the temperature shouldn't really get much above 80 farenheit, and he feels this would be next to impossible with the Masterbuilt. Any comments?

Finally, I had read a couple of reviews that preferred the Materbuilt over the Brinkmann "All In One" which is apparently similar. That was one of the reasons I went with the Masterbuilt. Has anyone out there tried both? If so, which do you prefer?

Anyhow, sorry for the long message, just wanted to get all my questions out to someone who's had one of these machines for a while. Thanks!!
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Hi, I don't have the 7 in one, just the electric. I have been very satisfied with the smoking and temperature control.

Maybe someone wth a 7 in one can help you.

I think they make a good product and their customer service is great!

Good luck with your new smoker.
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