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Quick Smoke For Salmon QView

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Ok, ok, no big deal but sometimes your pressed for time. I had some filets in the freezer. I thought why just defrost and put under the broiler? So I took the frozen filet, put it on an aluminun pan and into the smoker at 180' and smoked it for 1 hour, took it out and added EVOO and lemon pepper, Garlic Pow, and some Rosemary and butter and put it under the broiler until the butter melted about 2 minutes. Here are the results:

A little pasta with butter, basil, garlic powder and lemon pepper and cauliflower with butter. Wiffey said it was a little dry. DRY? with all that juice for dipping? Women?

It was better than the usual under the broiler, but these filets were kind of thin compared to others in the past.
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Ron it sure looks good! What kind of wood did you use for the smoke?
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Looks awesome Ron PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks, for asking, I used apple and alder, and the last load I added hickory to kick it up a notch. I really like hickory and mesquite for flavor, I guess I am a smoke freak.icon_surprised.gif Apple just doesn't do it for me. I need to try it more and see. Maybe the stuff I had been buying isn't that good. A friend promised to give me some apple wood and if I ever get it I will post.
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Looks good here. Nice job.
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looks good, great combo of ingredients, got to be good tasting. great idea... did the fish take on alot of flavor while frozen??? always kinda wondered about that. great job!!!
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It picked up enough flavor to at least taste it. Maybe if I used all hickory or mesquite it would have been stronger. That is the typical Friday meal here.

Thanks all.
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