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Plateau length

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I realize plateaus can be long but I think I may be on the verge of too long. I'm in the mid 140's on a butt. Been keeping the smoker between 225 and 240 like I read here. I think I been at this point for 3 hrs. Too long?

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NO!! Stand firm, don't change nuthin! You'll see it start to come up soon. But if ya don't in the next couple of hours, check your therm with icewater or boiling water.
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It's rare to go that long. I had one a month ago do that to me. Just be patient. If you feel that you are getting to much bark, go ahead and foil (if that's what you would normally do), and the moisture will help break down the connective tissue a bit faster.

Hope this helps! Hang in there!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Don't let the stall spook ya.
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there is really no "too long" that meat will do what it wants to do. just wait it out. just keep thinking about how good that meat will taste. i have had some plateaus last over 2 hours and the same smoke a different piece took only about 40 min of a stall.
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Thanks guys. I have tweaked just a little with my needle valve, so no major changes. I wanted this smoke to guy by the book and it pretty much had until this super long stall. I printed the directions (from Meowy I think) and really wanted my third smoke to go well. I'm glad I started plenty early. But I will wait this out.

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Has anyone had their meat (Butt, Brisket) drop in temp after coming out of the plateau? It seems like the few times I have done a butt or brisket that it plateuas then drops anywhere between 10 and 30 degrees, then starts climbing at a pretty rapid rate.

There must be some molecular changeover taking place at this point. Would love to know exactly what is going on. Anyone else experience this or is it just me?
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D hang in there I had one stall for just over 4 hours once usually never that long but you just never know. If your Thermometer is right and you know that then just keep up the spritzing and it will move eventually
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Heck, count yourself lucky, I once had a brisket that put 2 plateaus on me.

Just have to wait it out.
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2 plateaus


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The meat is absorbing a lot of heat at this point while the connective tissue is breaking down.

I've had a couple where the temp dropped. It's kinda freaky!

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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i had a temp drop on my last one i did. i went from 162 all the way down to 152 where it stayed for about 2 hrs i think. it was well worth the wait though! it was the best pulled pork i've ever had and my wife admitted that the smoker was well worth it (it was the first time i had used it!).
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If you search back through my posts.... i think you copied and pasted my question.... i had a couple butts smokin.... one plateau'd for like 4 hours and dropped 14-18 degrees.... i thought either something is wrong or the fats were breaking down.... checked thermos... jumped on here and asked... folks came back with- yes temps can drop -- its ok keep her goin the same... one butt was done 3 hours before the other- both turned out great....
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