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thank you for the invite but I will be camping at suger pine with the old man and family this fathers day weekend, maybe next time.
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It looks like you have a total of 3 intakes (1 ball valve, 2 w/ caps), is that correct? Any reason you went with 1/2" instead of 3/4"? Doesn't look like you welded them in, what are you using to keep them in position w/o leaks?

What did you use for your charcoal ring/basket and what size did you make it? Would love to see a pic of the inside.

Thanks for any insight and help, I hope to pick up my barrel tomorrow.
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Nice UDS. I remember when you use to get one full of gas for less than $72.00.

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Ok ...I am no expert (BBQ BUBBA is.) What I did was use four 1/2" nipples. three have caps, one of the nipples has a 1/2" ball valve on it , and reason I used 1/2 is because I found that for some reason my drums take almost no air to run at 225*. might be the climent I'm not sure. I used 1/2" lock rings to hold the nipples in place. one on the inside and one on the outside. I used a unibit to size the holes for a nice tight fit. a 7/8 hole saw gets the hole a little sloppy. my basket is 8" high and 14" round. I used 1/2 bbq grating at home depot and shaped it over a tire to make it round, then I used the same stuff to make the bottomI then welded the 2 pieces together. I cut the bottom smaller around the edges so i could pull the Basket out with out hiting the bolts that hold the food grate in. I welded a ten inch eye bolt to the center of the basket and made a hook so i can pull the basket out with ease. I'll take pics for you tomorrow.
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Thanks. I should have my drum today and am looking forward to getting started. Hope to be cooking on it Sunday. I'll take pics and post.
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the old lady took the diggi cam with her on vacation, I'll try to post pics on sunday afternoon.
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Hey BBQ Enthusiast, it looks like I ended up with the same barrel you have. I bought mine new too. I got everything done except for mounting the food grate. I can't verify right now, but I think my barrel was ~ 38" tall.

Is yours the same and how far from the top did you mount the food grate? I know the recommendation is 24" above the "fire", but if I have a 6" tall charcoal basket with a 3" clearance for ashes that's 9". If I add the 24" to the 9" then I'm at 33" up the barrel and only 5" from the top. I don't think that's enough room for some larger cuts or even ribs if I use a rack.

Thanks. Any help appreciated.
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Go 24" off the grate, you'll be fine! May even have room for a second grate!
That's a tall barrel.
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So 27" from the bottom? Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'll be posting pics and a full parts list with prices in the next few days. It's seasoned and my first cook will be on fathers day. :)
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My 2nd barrel is 34 inches so that puts my rack at 5 inches below the top of the barrel, this gives me about 20 inches to the top of my basket. My 1st barrel is 38 inches and I put the rack at 6 inches from the top and that gave me about 24 inches to the top of the basket.
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Im sure this has been answered somewhere but I am missing it. Where is a good spot to look for used drums?
I am thinking of building a uds but not exactly sure where to find a drum...
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I checked the good ol yellow pages (phone book) under storage containers. Then if you find a drum company, ask them if they have any trash barrels. these types of barrels may have dents or dings but should still work for a uds, and will cost alot less then a new barrel. Or see if there is a food factory that might have food grade drums laying around. I know this is not much help but It might get you started.
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