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anyone ever use cherry wood?

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i did 2 beer butt chickens this weekend and used cherry wood that i got off of ebay. i guess it is the wood, cause i did not care for the chicken. made a sandwich, didnt like it. made some soup, didnt like it. chalk one up for the learning curve.
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Strange... I use cherry all the time. Hmm was it thin and blue?
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As richtee said, I used it all last year, tons of it and it was great to use, good smoke, hard wood. Turned out some great Q.
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Hmmm...that is strange...cherry is one of my absolute favorites, I use it in almost every cook whether smoking or direct searing/grilling...Great flavor!

If you got it on ebay, are you absolutely certain it was cherry? Perhaps it was still a bit green and not very well seasoned?
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not as thin as i would have liked. yet, not billowing. possibly bad wood? my girlfriend ate some of the chicken and liked it. im my biggest critic, maybe its just me.
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No problems with it here either.
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Never had a problem w/ it either. Use it all the time. I don't know about getting wood from ebay? I have plenty of access to cherry wood I wonder if I should try selling it? hmmm.
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I'll bet it was the Cherry wood.. why don't you send it to me, and I'll properly dispose of it.!biggrin.gif
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Yah, I'll bet it was the wood...either not really cherry, or not seasoned well...that'll give it a slightly "off" taste.
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I would never buy wood from ebay. Some people have no morals and would have no problem sending pine when you paid for cherry.

For the record cherry is one of my favorite woods to smoke with. Mixed with apple it does pork good!
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I've used it, no problems. don't use hackberry for smoking.
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