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Bar B Chef Offset - Install and Finished Pics

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Hey all,

Just got my Bar B Chef offset smoker in today, and put her together. When I was looking for a new smoker, I couldn't really find that many reviews or pics of the Bar B Chef, so I thought I would add these for anyone interested in puchasing one. Maybe you'll see something you do, or don't like. This is not a review, as I have not smoked on it yet, just pics for your viewing pleasure. I will be seasoning it tomorrow.

The instructions said you need a hammer (?), pliers, phillps head, and a crescent wrench. I never used the hammer, but oh well. Anyway, here's what came in the boxes.

I installed it by myself. It would have been easier with 2 people, but not impossible with one. Here's the finished product

Smoke stack

Fire box


Can't wait to see how she smokes. One thing... They were out of stock on the thermometer, so if anyone knows where I could get a thermometer to fit the hole on the front, I'd appreciate it. I've got some digi's I'm going to use in the meantime, I'd just like somehing better looking than the plug...lol. Hope you enjoy the pics.
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DD - that's a really nice looking rig you got yourself! Thanks for posting the pics of what the thing looks like, that's helpful when considering a new smoker!
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Looks great !!! At least to this beginer PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Got the begining baffle allready , and cast iron grates to set the charcoal basket , and smokestack at cooking grate level , and looks like pretty heavey steel too !!!! cool.gifcool.gificon_smile.gificon_smile.gif

3-4 steps ahead of my char-griller outta the box !!!!
Enjoy and keep the reviews comming please icon_smile.gif
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Great looking Smoker dude. It looks alot sturdier than my Silver Smoker. I like that it already has some mods. I also like the piece of angle outside the fire box so you can cook some beans in a pot as well. Awsome.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking smoker. Looks like it was built by someone that has really used one. Like all the mods that is incorporated in it.
Smoke on

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Thats a pretty nice looking rig.............I like that it has some of the mods on it already out of the box.................
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Very nice lookin smoker, alot nicer than the silver or the brinkmans, I have heard some good things about the Bar B chefs. Still gonna need a baffle and tuning plates. Don't for get to season it, and bring it to temp nice and slow like the directions tell you, or the paint won't last as long. I made that mistake on my Charbroil when I first got it!

Good for you, looks like your in business now!cool.gif
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Hi there,just been wandering is there any place selling Bar B Chef smokers ? Thank you in advanceĀ 

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