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How Long Do I Smoke A Fatty?

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I am doing my first two fattys today. I can't find any info on how long they should smoke for. I don't imagine that you can probe these since it is filled with cheese and such. Bother are made with 1 lb of meat, at about 1/2" thickness around the roll. Please help!

One is "Old Folks b-fast sausage with pepperoni, asiago, romano, and mozzerella cheeses, then artichoke hearts, and sun dried tomatoes. Then I sauted mushrooms, red onion and whole garlic cloves(till the garlic was soft enough to smash), added that and sprinkled in a little dried basil. After rolling I topped with more of the asiago and romano cheeses and sprinkled with red pepper flakes. No bacon.

The second is pork chorizo with a layer of mexican style colby/jack cheeses, cilantro, a bit of green onion, black olives, black beans, and some chipoltle peppers from a can. After rolling it up I topped with a bit more of the cheese blend. No bacon on this one either.

So my hunch is that these can handle about four hours in my LongHorn, but I would apreciate your support.

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About 2 to 2.5 hours until internal temp reaches 160 on the thermo.
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Oh Man! I was way off!

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KC has you covered. Let us know how the chorizo turns out. That sounds really good.
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I want some finish shots of the fatties!!
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Will do

I will. I didn't get shots of the prep of the Italian gourmet fatty, but I did get pics of building the chorizo one. I'm cookin this afternoon and eating later this evening, but I will make sure to take the camera. My first run. I'm psyched.

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I still get excited every time I smoke. Got pork butts and kielbasa going as we speak! biggrin.gif
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TIME!!!!!! TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!.............bwahahahahaah

i take em internals to 170..........if the cheese is 170, the surround fattie should be done.........BUT........and this is important......tent em, and leave em rest.......i like to rest em @45 minutes to a hour........this lets the cheese set.......if you cut in TOO soon......the fattie falls apart, and cheese oozes EVERYwhere..........just a thought
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Those sound great.

looking forward to the pics.
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Jeez twodog! They sound awesome.....I am drooling and my stomach is growling now. Good luck on the smoke!

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Twodogs, glad you asked that question. I put Dutch's beans on an hour ago and just put on a couple fatties. I thought I had read somewhere on here that they took about 2 hours, so I figured they would both be done about the same time. Now I can relax and let em cook.
WD, thanks for saying something about tenting them too. I'm sure the wife would have just cut right into them as soon as I brought them in. Would have been cheese all over!
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